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Match: 03/11/17 - lst Round FA Cup

Published: 6/11/2017


This was our first visit to a non-league ground after visiting over 50 league grounds as away wheelchair fans.    


Arrival and Entry to the Ground    The accessible mini bus we travel in that is part of our Club's official way transport was allowed to park without any difficulties close to the turnstyles.    Entry into the stadium then got a bit chaotic as we were intially directed to the wrong stand but given that Hyde were coping with 3500 fans plus live TV coverage rather than their usual 300 fans, this we took as all part of the experience.   Entry to the away standing terraces, which are tickets were for, is down an entry at the corner of the ground furthest away from where you enter beyond the home turnstyles.


Wheelchair Viewing Area   We were given the option of being in a mixed seated stand or with the away fans in the standing terraces.   As my powerchair has a raiser seat that takes me to standing height I was thrilled with this prospect and readily opted for this.     As there were no restrictions on where people stood, we found a space at the barrier in front of the actual terracing (big wide space) furthest away from the entrance.   We were just to the side of the goal and had an excellent, uninteruped view of the match (other than we were behind netting for the whole match!).    We were very impressed that at a non-league ground we were accommodated with our own fans something that does not happen at too many league grounds.    


Stewarding    This was completely inadequate putting all the visiting fans in danger.    We had never thought beforehand that a visit to a non-league ground would place us at greater risk of harm than at all the league grounds we had visited due to woefully inadequate stewarding.    There were hardly any stewards and those there were it seemed were inexperienced to the point of not having a clue.    Equally worringly it seemed that there was a complete lack of fire safety proceedures in the ground.    A group in the home stand, adjacent to the entrance of the away stand (clearly not Hyde fans) through a flair on to the pitch prior to KO which set fire to the rubber under the plastic grass.   The only response from Hyde was that their CEO kicked it, which spread the fire.   It was left to the 2 away stewards, using a fire extinguisher supplied by the Burger Van man to extinguish the fire.    It seemed the 2 stewards from the away club had to take charge as they were the only people in the ground who knew how to deal with crowd and fire safety.  So when at half time the same group, not evicted, threw more flairs,  one of which landed in amongst the away fans and another near to a photographer, we had good reason to feel very unsafe.  Thankfully we were furthest away but we were told that coins and beer were also thrown at away fans.    What we were closest to was that on two occasions, a group were allowed into the sterile area immediately to us, who just seemed to want to cause trouble.   At one point standing on the top of 6 foot barriers with scarfs around their faces so they could not be identified.    We witnessed young children distraught with understandably angry parents.   It was at this point we realised that there was only one exit from this stand, nearest where a fire was most likely and due to the 6 foot barriers across the terracing, the 10 foot netting in front of us and the electronic advertising boards that had been installed for the match we had no way of getting onto the pitch in an emergency and no emergency exit.     Surely this breached all safety requirements at even non-league grounds?


Accessible toilet    There is an accessible toilet in the main stand and I was escorted round to it during the first half.   I would have been too frightened to go any later in the game.     It was clean with all that was required but the floor was wet and slippey and the toilet was very high, at average height I found it difficult as my feet did not fully rest on the floor.   


Refreshments   There was a burger van with reasonable prices in the away end (£3 for a burger) but we were too frightened to visit it.


Leaving the Ground   We were held back for 15 minutes at the end of the game for safety reasons and were given a police escort from the ground.    


Would  we go again    Before we went to any other non-league ground we would need reassurances that there would be adequate stewarding and that fire and crowd safety requirements would be met.    This was a very negative experience of visiting a non-league ground.   The magic of the Cup unexpectedly became the dangers of the Cup.    




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