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Wembley Stadium




Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Becky Syrett

Telephone no.

020 8795 9684 or 0844 980 8200 option 3

Disabled Supporters Association




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Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


For information on getting to Wembley and parking please click here.  


Provision has been made for accessible parking spaces in both the stadium car parks for Blue-Badge holders and will need to be booked in advance. Please contact City and Suburban Parking at the following website address: http://www.wembleyofficialparking.com/  to reserve your place. Please note that as all passes must be pre-sent, the cut off date for requesting a pass is 72 hours before an event.


Shuttle Bus Service - Wembley Stadium offers an accessible transport facility for disabled visitors on event days. This service operates between Wembley Park Station and the stadium. To take advantage of this service please visit www.brentct.org.uk or phone 0203 114 7022.

Read more at http://www.wembleystadium.com/TheStadium/StadiumGuide/DisabledAccess/GettingToWembley#HP9STX3eEqD81bAD.99


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including the Wembley Stadium see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


For further information on tickets, please visit the Wembley Stadium Website

Spectator Viewing areas


There are 310 accessible wheelchair user spaces and associated companion / PA seats available across all levels of the Stadium. These seats are distributed across each of the levels. Each wheelchair user platform has a dedicated steward to provide assistance where required. 


There are 100 enhanced amenity seats for ambulant disabled visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs.


All of the disabled seating areas have been designed to comply with the 'Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds' and allow for good sight lines for disabled visitors. 

Accessible amenities


There are 147 accessible toilets within the Stadium. Access to these toilets will be controlled by use of a RADAR key (if you require a key please go to the information desk or ask a steward). There is a Changing Places toilet located on Level 1 internal concourse Block 104. 


There are seven ATM machines located around the Stadium, all at accessible height.


At each kiosk there is an accessible queue point and lowered counter space available for wheelchair users. Signage, tactile and visual indicators within the Stadium are provided where appropriate.

Accessible services & information


Wembley have a new customer services team for all events known as "Wembley Connectors". They will be located at tube stations, bus stops and car parks in the Wembley area and inside the Stadium on Levels 1, 2 & 5. At the moment they wear bright pink bibs but in future, they will be wearing yellow jackets.


There is an accessible entrance at every set of turnstiles for wheelchair users, semi-ambulant visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs. All turnstiles are manned by trained stewards. All stewards at Wembley will be trained in assisting disabled visitors. 


There are over twenty lifts including at the entrance points of the Stadium serving all levels, and thirty sets of escalators at the Stadium. Dedicated, accessible lifts are sized for two wheelchair users, personal assistants and an attendant. In the event of an evacuation, accessible lifts will continue to operate.

There are two dog relieving stations (next to turnstiles B & M) located on the east and west external public concourse.

The outer concourse area and ramps are smooth surfaces (tarmac and block work) for ease of access.


An auditory enhancement system providing coverage of the seating bowl and public concourse areas has been installed. The system will provide event audio descriptive commentary, information and emergency announcements. Wembley Stadium provides a specific commentator for blind and partially sighted visitors. Headsets are available to book by emailing accessforall@wembleystadium.com


All information desks and kiosks, bars and points of sale have hearing induction loop facilities.


There are a number of Wembley Stadium wheelchairs available for loan for ambulant disabled visitors to take you from the permimeter to your seat. If you require a wheelchair, please go to one of the information desks on Level 1 or Level 5.


Accessible public telephones are located on all public concourses. There are ten information desks distributed across Levels 1, 2 and 5.


Wembley Stadium has a dedicated Disability Liaison Officer. 

Club Additional Information


Any visitor attending with specific medical needs, equipment or mobility aid (eg oxygen bottle, injection kits, own drinks etc) is advised to send an e-mail to accessforall@wembleystadium.com. A member of the access team will advise and, where appropriate, send a confirmation e-mail explaining that the item/equipment will be allowed into the stadium. This e-mail can then be printed out and brought to the event. 


Wembley Stadium Ground Regulations


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Steven Powell

Match: Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks, NFL, Sunday 14/10/18

Published: 16/10/2018


This is the text of a letter that I've sent today (Tues 16/10/18) to the NFL and Wembley Stadium:


I’m writing to you regarding problems I and other wheelchair users experienced at last Sunday’s NFL game at Wembley Stadium. I’m sending a copy of this letter to Wembley Stadium and your UK office.


Upon arriving at the stadium I found that there was a new search and security point. Shockingly there was NO provision, at least for the Blue Section (entrances A, B and C) for wheelchair access. I spoke to three stewards and one supervisor. None had any idea where I and my companion were to pass security. My wheelchair is too wide to go through the standard width security arcs employed. A supervisor had to take it upon himself to move a barrier so that I could pass.


I was then told that I had to be searched with a handheld wand. This is absolutely asinine. If I were carrying something dangerous or deadly it would be concealed in my powered wheelchair, not on my person.


I have a high-level understanding of event and building security from my professional background. Unless wheelchairs are going to be scanned, wand searches of the person in the wheelchair are pointless.


We then passed to the wheelchair entrance for Entrance B. My ticket scanned correctly but my companion’s ticket wouldn’t scan. After around five minutes’ delay common sense prevailed and we were admitted to the stadium.


Upon leaving the stadium post-match I made my way to Wembley Stadium railway station to take the Chiltern Lines train back to Marylebone station in central London. I’ve raised the issue of signage for  level step-free disabled access to the northbound and southbound platforms with Chiltern Railways before. They swear that disabled access in both directions are signed. They’re wrong. They’re not. This needs to be addressed.


So does the lighting of the level access route to the southbound platform. This passes under the White Horse Bridge which has absolutely no illumination. This is dangerous, particularly at night.


Finally, I want to relate the experience of a fellow wheelchair supporter whom I have gotten to know quite well. She told me post-match as we were waiting for the train to Marylebone that it had taken her two hours to get her tickets. She needed to collect duplicates as her tickets hadn’t arrived in the post.


Like me, this lady has attended all 22 regular season NFL matches at Wembley. She travels down to London from Scotland. When she was finally issued with her tickets it required the intervention of one of your senior NFL colleagues to gain her access to the lift which had been refused. Her tickets were also marked Yellow Zone which is diagonally opposite the Blue Zone which is where – like me – she is situated in Block 122.


These issues need addressing BEFORE next Sunday’s game. If there’s a repeat I shall be irate. Aside from being an appalling way to treat committed supporters it’s also unlawful in terms of the Equality Act 2010.


I look forward to hearing from you on these issues.


Yours sincerely






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Kirsten French

Match: Spurs v Apoel

Published: 8/12/2017


I visited Wembley for the above game and against Crystal Palace. I have M.E. failed back surgery and suffer from vertigo and blackouts. I don’t use a wheelchair or a stick. I am eligible for PIP. Getting to my seat via escalator is possible. Walking down the stairs or using the down escalator is an unpleasant experience. 

For my first visit I had to explain my medical history to the steward why I wanted to use the lift before he begrudgingly said ok. The lift was only being used by stewards. 

The second time I asked to use the lift the steward said use the escalator and when I said I want to use the lift he referred me to a guy in a suit who said use the escalator. I used the escalator. No one was using the lift. 

My husband contacted Spurs who said that staff had been told to let those that ask to use the lift. Clearly the last two chaps had been absent that day. I applaude Spurs on their attitude to their disabled visitors but by using Wembley Stadium it is to some degree out of their hands how they are treated. It is Wembley that need to train their staff. 

I try to keep my life as normal as possible and not make a fuss about my limitations that impacts on others. My life is not as easy as it was but there is no need for other people to make it even harder and remind me of the negative side of my life. I’m ill not lazy. 


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Match: Coldplay Concert

Published: 7/7/2016


Just wanted to say thank you so much to the kind man who helped my brother get to see ColdPlay. Not only does he suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, but he has now been diagnosed with secondary brain cancer. We were helped from the car park to our seats on Level 5, and met afterwards with a wheelchair, and escorted back down to the car park level. It made his evening.The help for the disabled at Wembley is fabulous, keep up the good work.

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Elaine Crocker

Match: Coldplay Concert

Published: 30/6/2016


I wanted to thank the brilliant staff who helped me for the above Coldplay concert. We had standard tickets but needed to swap them for access as I now need a wheelchair on account of health issues. Having been to the O2 a few weeks prior to this event, I was honestly dreading the whole evening. Seems I couldn't have been more wrong! The moment we came out of the tube exit we were intercepted by a very helpful young man asking if we were attending the Coldplay concert. We were then given the option for the courtesy bus and from there we were looked after all the way through! We were never left waiting. We were always taken to the next person to help us and constantly reassured by staff that things were being sorted. Two of the very helpful folk, whose names I noted were Chris and Caroline, although it was actually everyone along the way. Thank you all so much for such a brilliant, supportive experience. I don't know how you achieve this standard of care. I do know the stress of uncertainty was wiped away and were really able to enjoy Coldplay with no worries. 

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Steven Powell

Match: NFL Miami Dolphins v New York Jets

Published: 6/10/2015


I'm a wheelchair user. I and my companion's view in the ground in section 122 was excellent. The section stewards were welcoming and friendly.


We travelled home on Chiltern Trains from Wembley Stadium station to Marylebone. None of the railway stewards or staff knew where the southbound level access was. Neither was the wheelchair southbound platform access signposted in any way. Finally the portable ramps provided by Chiltern Railways at both Wembley Stadium and Marylebone stations were too narrow for my wheelchair which is larger than standard (76cms).


Fortunately I can with difficulty walk a few steps and board and leave a train unaided. Just as well. These issues need to be addressed by the Train Operating Compand and WNSL. The lack of signage and clear information about level access southbound at Wembley Stadium station and the inadequacy of the portable ramps is poor and needs rapid attention.

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Norman Cooper

Match: QPR V DERBY championship play-off final 2014

Published: 25/5/2014


I cannot believe that a problem with Wembley ticketing software (as described by the manager at the time) for disabled supporters does not prompt a response for disabled supporters.


Continually being told you must walk here, then back there is insensitive; when an explanation that what is being advised is not possible, a shrug of the shoulders and even 'tough' is rude and illegally discriminatory; the refusal to consider or provide wheelchair and/or equipment support is cruel.


Disabled? Go to Wembley at your own risk, it may be the worst day of your life and they won't care.


All that on top of general incompetence, stewards who can tell you where the disabled access turnstiles are, but can't tell you how to get there, and some who will guess and tell you wrong; 'your ticket needs reprinting' but not telling you that it can't be done so leave you standing for an hour, not having anyone managing the difficulty, no information being given out even when the scale was becoming very apparent to all.


My experience has set my medical condition back about two years, I watched a game through the mist of severe chronic pain caused by a 'software problem' not of my making; my only mistake was to think Wembley would be organised and disabled friendly and not expecting that event staff would not understand the term 'disabled.


This is me and my thoughts the following day, I could not have written this until my anger had subsided, I cannot wait for my pain to subside as that is going to take months or years.


Shame on Wembley when they treat even more vulnerable, ageing and disabled people than me in this way on their big day out.

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Mark J

Match: Northampton Town v Bradford

Published: 16/5/2013


I made a mistake booking car parking for this match and I have really struggled to speak to anyone about this. The telephone number for the Car Park operator just goes through to a voice mail and doesn't even confirm it is the car park provider in its recorded message. I have left a message and sent 2 emails and not had a response. I am taking my disabled brother to Wembley for the first time and was hoping for a better experience from the Car Park providers.

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stewart coniff Avid's member 29

Match: Carling cup final

Published: 26/10/2012


A great day was had overall the result went against us . But now i'm out of mourning i think the toilet facilities were appalling the stewards were very helpfull and got us through the masses of able bodied folk queueing for relief the toilets are too close together i note the able bodied queue was to the left past our toilet and not past the food outlet .
The poor woman before me came out disgusted at the urine on the floor and toilet seat and sink non disabled had abused this facility how often are these left open ? as they were today , where were the cleaners? We had to wait for the lift which only accomodates two chairs at a time . Also the green car park which I paid £16.50 was not disabled friendly and was too far from the stadium , i felt i was directed to Red car park but staff insisted this was it the multi storey ? i was parked on the ground floor in an ordinary space without room for mine or my friends wheelchairs we had to drive the car partly out of the space with no assistance whilst exiting supporters sounded car horns as we blocked them for a few minutes , then had to wait 35 mins just to exit the car park !

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Andy & Sue Dixon

Match: Carlisle v Saints JPT Final

Published: 26/10/2012


Great day out & 4-1 win for the Saints.

The disabled parking which we paid for in advance was a multi storey car park with no disabled places or lifts. I wrongly assumed it would have - probably my fault for not checking with attendant before going into the car park.

Great accessible seats on the half way line - was a free for all getting out of stadium with only one lift that we could find at other side of stadium. Some more information would have been helpful.

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Match: Hull City v Bristol City 03/03/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


I was in the cheapest area as that is the only tickets they had, the view was generally good but the wheelchair spaces could do to be a little higher in relation to the people in front of you.

Comment from NADS editor:
Colin also raised the issue of not being able to meet with his mates in the wheelchair section at half time.
We've checked this out and have been informed by the 'powers that be' that it's a safety issue for all stadia. Aisles and entry/exit points cannot be blocked in any sections of the ground.

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Match: Play-off Final 30/05/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


Wheelchair position had great view which was not obstructed at all despite everyone in front standing-up. Carer's seat was next to it and there was even a seat for a second person. Disabled toilets were left unlocked which meant that anyone could use them and they were very messy at half-time. Parking terrible. I tried to arrange for parking near to out seats but the providers weren't ineterested - just saying we could be in either car park. I ended up in the Red car park, because that's the one I found frist - no signs that I could see on the roads around Wembley? It's just a normal multi-storey, although we were allowed to park on the ground floor when I showed the Blue Badge. No easy way out of the car park for the wheelchair. Long and very steep ramp to push up to get to the stadium. It was a real struggle. Plenty of stewards around but not interested in helping. I asked at Information Desk if there was another way down after the game, as it was too steep to safely take a wheelchair down, but told there wasn't. Asked another info. desk and got told they thought there was a lift, but they weren't sure where. Luckily found a lift and confirmed with a P.C. that it would take me down to the car park level - although I did have to push my Mother through all of the Reading fans to get to the car - lucky it wasn't Cardiff! So, overall, great seating position but poor access & parking and ignorant stewards.

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Peter Swordy

Match: Play Off Final 06/06/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


Dear David My apologies for your experience at the Play Off Final at Wembley Stadium on 30 May 2011. The standards of service you describe are not those I expect from our event day operation. All toilets are checked pre turnstiles and all steward supervisors hold a RADAR key. They try to ensure all doors are closed but sometimes this is not possible to check minute by minute at busy times. The cleaning teams will normally clean during an event when there are few people on the concourse or there is a major Facilities Management call out that might affect safe operation of that area. The Event Owner (the Football League) and two participating clubs were responsible for sales of all Accessible Parking Spaces when requested. These spaces should almost always be in the Green Car Park at the front of the stadium and are nearly always bookable on line through the parking operator CSP. There are three lifts at the front of the stadium to take wheelchair users up to The Level 1 concourse. I apologise that the steward and security staff were not interested in your journey from the Red Car Park and up the West Ramp. You should have been told at the Info Desk that you could take a lift down to B2 front entrance - however this would then have resulted in a long journey of 300 - 400 metres back to the Red Car Park up another incline perimeter road. So once again my apologies for your experience - we genuinely value your comments and seek to improve through better training and briefing of our in house staff and those of our car park partners. Yours sincerely Peter Swordy Senior Operations Manager Wembley Stadium

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Match: Wembley FA Cup Final 05/05/2012

Published: 26/10/2012


Third visit to our National football Stadium. Carling Cup Final FA Cup Semi and FA CUP Final. Firstly good points. As a disabled wheelchair user, the viewing galleries are excellent, disabled toilets good, Parking I had no problem with on each of my visits although it seems strange when booking you are asked which team you support then the parking is all mixed!. 

Access to the walk way from the car park is via a single lift, you can wait ages as it also services inside the satdium as well, poor considering the numbers of wheelchair users that attend important games. After the games the same lift is the only way of going back to the car park unless you venture down Olympic way and take your life into your own hands as the crowds do not appreciate wheelchair users in amongst them!  Waiting for the lift can add an hour on getting out! 

 If you want to venture and visit anywhere in the locality the only wheelchair accessible point is the zebra crossing as there are no other drop kerbs about. Staff at the outside shop on the concourse could not be bothered being polite or trying to impress with any type of Wembley material it was all much to much for them a little training might help. Some of the stewards could do with communication skills courses as many we spoke to could not either understand us or just didn't want to be bothered which is a disagrace as we the supporters rely upon them for our safety. 

I suppose that we are spoilt at Anfield with having excellent stewards who take pride in what they do. All in all a disapointed fan.

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