Level Playing Field Awards

At Level Playing Field we think it is so important that people are recognised for the great work that they do, often working behind the scenes and without seeking the limelight. We aim to celebrate the amazing work of these individuals.


That’s why we are inviting nominations for the Level Playing Field Awards 2014/15.


The Award details are as follows:


The Joseph Wratten Award:

In memory of Joseph Wratten, a passionate West Ham supporter and good friend to Level Playing Field. Do you know of a disabled supporter who is a an advocate for social inclusion and equality as a sports fan? Please tell us how she or he has pushed the boundaries or highlighted the possibilities for disabled fans as a passionate and dedicated fan who follows his or her own club and/or chosen sport. Describe how this individual demonstrates that passion and committment to his/her own team and/or sport.


Club/Organisation Employee of the Year Award:

Next, we are looking to identify an employee of a club or organisation who has been pro-active in identifying and solving issues for disabled supporters. The Level Playing Field Club/Organisation Employee of the Year Award is dedicated to those who have made a difference in improving access, increased opportunities for disabled supporters – you know the score. Someone who has been positive and helpful.


Club Volunteer of the Year:

Do you know a club volunteer who has encouraged the participation and inclusion of disabled supporters? Please tell us how they have opened up significant areas to disabled supporters, or worked to break down barriers and stereotypes at their club or in their sport.


We really want to celebrate and praise those people who have made a difference.  The winners of the 2012/13 awards will be presented with their awards in spring of 2014. 


We are delighted that June Wratten has agreed to serve on the nominations committee for 2013/14- we couldn’t imagine anyone better qualified to work with the awards process.


Nominating is easy - just send an email to: info@levelplayingfield.org.uk saying who you are nominating and why they would be a worthy winner. If you require any further information or would like some assistance, please feel free to contact us.