Fans Comments - Have your say!

We are calling on disabled fans to inform us of the matchday experiences at sports stadia by using our Fans Comments service.


Fans Comments are a great opportunity for fans to let us know about your matchday experience, whether good or not so good, which is used as important feedback to clubs in our aim of improving access and inclusion for disabled spectators.


We refer all Fans Comments to the club in question, so by having your say you can make a real difference to the matchday experience of disabled sports fans.


To leave a Fans Comment you can select the stadium or venue you attended from the 'Clubs/Venues' tab on the Level Playing Field homepagescroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the Fans Comment section.


You can also upload photographs that you may have taken at the match and any other literature that may be useful to other disabled fans (e.g. stadia information provided by club).


We will highlight the most recent fans comments in our monthly newsletter.


Make sure you have your say!