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Stadium Information


American Express Community Stadium


American Express Community Stadium
Village Way

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Oliver Riley

Telephone no.

0344 324 6282

Disabled Supporters Association




Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


There are a total of 107 accessible parking bays on site, the majority of which are booked on a seasonal basis. However match day parking sales are available in the clubs Bridge Car Park, which is situated 850 metres away from the ground. 


Accessible parking is available at 50% discount, but this must be pre-booked via the club’s supporter services team on 0344 324 6282, and a copy of a Blue badge must be provided prior to booking.


Accessible parking can be booked up until 5 hours prior to kick-off as long as a Blue badge has been provided. Drop off facilities are available, but early arrival is necessary. For further information on the travel guide please see.


Travel Guide for all fans to the American Express Community Stadium


All ‘park and ride’ and rail services within the designated travel zone, as per the travel guide, are subsidised into the league Matchday ticket price. Along with this, all public transport links to and from the stadium are fully accessible to wheelchair users.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Brighton and Hove Albion see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.


Away Travel


The club does not currently offer away travel for disabled supporters.



Stadium Map



Enlarge Image

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the website


Ambulant disabled, wheelchair user and personal assistant tickets can be booked online at, but proof of disability must be registered with Supporter Services in advance of purchase.  Alternatively tickets can be booked over the phone on 0844 327 1901 (option 6) or in person at the Ticket Office.  Please note that online purchases are usually given a priority purchase window.


If you have a specific query regarding access at the Amex please contact Disability Liaison Officer Elliott Batchelor:

Spectator Viewing areas


The stadium has a total of 185 wheelchair spaces in general admission.  Home supporters have 158 spaces for wheelchair users available to them, and these can be found at pitch side and on raised areas. 27 spaces for wheelchair users can be found on raised areas in the away section for away supporters. There are in excess of 720 easy access seats which are located in all stands excluding the West Upper Tier.


There are an additional 36 spaces for wheelchair users in the hospitality areas.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 180 wheelchair spaces (153 home and up to 27 away). 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore exceeds the current minimum guidance. 

Accessible amenities


There are a total of 37 accessible toilets in the stadium and 1 Changing Places facility located in E2A. 30 of these toilets are in public areas which includes Concourses, 1901 Club, Dicks Bar, Seven Stars Sports Bar and Player’s Lounge. There are 52 ambulant accessible cubicles throughout the stadium.


Changing Places Facility 


The changing places facility measures 6.16m x 2.56m and is located in the East stand. The facilities are as follows:


Bench - Height Adjustable, Adult Sized, Free Standing

Hoist - Ceiling

Peninsular Toilet

Non Slip Floor


Curtain for privacy

Emergency Alarm

Paper Roll


The club shop and ticket office are accessible for all fans, with the ticket office having a low level serving counter. Catering kiosks in the home and away sections do have low level serving counters and so are fully accessible.

Accessible services & information


The club do have hearing loops and are located in the ticket office, reception areas, club megastore and stadium bowl; you will need to sign out the neck loop and belt pack from the ticket office. Match audio described commentaries are available via headsets from the ticket office, commentaries are provided by trained inhouse commentators. Facilities for assistance dogs are available. The concourses do have rest areas included. 


Brighton & Hove Albion Club Website - Disabled Supporters Information



Updated September  2017. 


Club Additional Information


Brighton & Hove Albion received the "LPF Centre of Excellence Award" in January 2017. For more information please click Here.



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Heather Whitehead

Match: Huddersfield Town

Published: 11/4/2018


Having been to every game at the Amex that has featured my beloved Huddersfield Town I can honestly say the getting away from the stadium has NOT got any beeter or any quicker. Last season it was on a Tuesday night therefore not as many fans were there so we got away a tad quicker, plus I was on the coach which they do try to get away as soon as possible. Last weekend we booked throught Oliver the DLO officer at BHAFC a disabled space in the university which puts on two mini buses to take to and from the ground, although one of the ramps one of the mini buses didn't work, so being in my wheelchair I had no option, but to wait for that particular mini bus which was ok going to the stadium as we'd got there early,but after the game we had to wait 45 minutes for the one I required to get back from the drop off at the university. Once out of the ground theres a lift to get you up to the car park, albeit it's a small one that only fits one wheelchair an a few standing people in and it's very, very slow. The view inside the stadium is very good from a wheelchair, the stewards are always nice and pleasant an offer a key for the toilet if one has forgotton there's or haven't got one. We took our own sandwiches so didn't need the catering, although my husband went to get a cold drink just after half-time when the queues had gone down.


Response from Brighton:


Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent visit to the American Express Community Stadium, we apologise that the visit didn’t meet your expectations and will strive to improve your experience next time around.


Since receiving your comments we have had a very detailed look into the travel operation for this matchday and would like to make the following response, in an attempt to add some context.


The visit you made in the 2016/17 season was on a Tuesday and the attendance for this match was 24,166. As we hope you can appreciate, midweek matches come with different challenges to those we face on a weekend, with a lot of the supporters arriving later and leaving more promptly, this can cause services immediately after the match to become very busy. Having said this, we always do our best to ensure supporters can leave as quickly and as safely as possible, as do all football clubs up down the country


On your most recent visit in 2017/18 the attendance for this particular match was 30,501, which is an increase of 26% compared to the previous season. This increase in attendance will go some way to explaining why you may have been left with the impression that getting away from the stadium had no gotten any quicker. In actual fact, the 45-minute wait to get away from the stadium, even when considering the problems you faced, is well within our average wait times after the match.


With regard to the faulty bus ramp, your comments were the first time we were made aware of this problem. The university car park is one of our most popular car park sites and this is due in the most part to the shuttle bus services we pay for and rely on to ferry supporters to and from the stadium. To discover that there was a fault, that we were not aware of, was very disappointing and as soon as we read your comments we contacted the travel company responsible. The company in question have since taken full responsibility for the fault and made a formal apology to our travel manager for the inconvenience caused to both sets of supporters.


It’s disappointing that contact with our club has not been made at any time from yourself in order to raise this concern and for our club to have been able to rectify this on the matchday for you. Ahead of every visiting clubs visit to the American Express Community Stadium we send a visiting supporters guide which provides detailed information on our subsidised travel options available to visiting supporters.


For your next visit, we would still recommend parking in this area, as there is a good choice of other travel options you may not have been aware of. For example, a matter of meters away from the car park you were in, there is a public bus stop that has wheelchair accessible services running straight to the stadium. We would also recommend raising concerns at the time of the incident to one of the staff or stewards who are there to assist supporters on a matchday.

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Match: 07/11/2015

Published: 17/11/2015


Our first visit as away fans to the American Express Community Stadium travelling in an accessible mini-bus that is part of our Club’s official travel.    A far cry from Brighton’s temporary ground which we had previously visited.


Access to the Ground

The stadium is on a steep hill at the side of a dual-carriageway in a Brighton suburb, amongst university buildings.  Brighton’s own web site says there are no bars in the immediate area.   We passed a large supermarket a few miles before the Stadium but long queue from the carriageway to it.  Our mini-bus was parked in the coach park right in front of the lift that takes you down to the external concourse that goes all round the stadium. (Apart from the lift the only other way to enter the stadium at this point is down a very steep, long set of steps.   There is a very long ramp further round but I have no idea how you would get to this from the coach park at the away end.)   As you exit the lift, the entrance for away wheelchair fans (in the South Stand) is slightly to the left.  You enter into a relatively small area under the stand with the entrance to the seating at the far right side.  


Facilities in the Ground for Away Wheelchair Fans

Viewing Areas

As you approach the seating area there are spaces for wheelchair users with carer seats either side of the main stairs.    I would guess around 9 wheelchair spaces in the format of two carer seats with two adjacent seats either side.   The view is excellent looking down the pitch from left of the goal, with the rest of the away fans visible in front of you.  The whole area felt very roomy compared to most places and not squashed at all and well under-cover although the wind (given how high up you are) did blow in some rain (it was pouring!).   This said, the concrete wall in front of this area is relatively high if you specifically require low level viewing.   Very clear score board with digital clock and video screen easily visible and no problems with 3G signal.

There were many complaints from our fans seated below us that they could not see as the ones in the front were standing.  This made it very difficult for any fans in the main block who were unable to stand to watch the game. 


Row of low counters facing you as you enter the stand.   Flooring in this area is specifically non-slip.    I noticed they were still selling at the end of the game.   I also saw a fish and chip van and a flamed grilled burger van at the front of the stadium (from the away end, walk to the right, around the outside of the stadium).

Accessible Toilets

There was a large, clean accessible toilet on right as you approached the viewing areas.   Radar key required to open it which the stewards had.   Left hand transfer, handwash and hand drier.   The biggest problem was that to get hot water you had to turn the tap on so much that the water hit the basin and bounced out, covering you and the floor which quickly turned into a swimming pool and the non-slip flooring in the public area was not extended into here.   I feared this was making a potential slip hazard.


Headset Commentaries for Visually Impaired Fans

The Club’s web page states that it provides this service but requires 2 forms of ID (one showing a photo and another showing your current address).   I emailed to check that a bus pass would be acceptable photograph evidence and received a prompt response from Elliott Batchelor, Brighton’s DLO confirming that it was and we should collect the headset from the Ticket Office.  The Ticket Office is at the opposite side of the stadium to the away end and in lashing rain and wind so strong that I was struggling to breath, Elliott quickly agreed with us, that in the future if they are aware before the match of an away fan needing a headset, they will be able to collect it from the South Stand Manager.   We also arranged at the end of the game to leave the headset with a steward.   (In these instances we always make a note of the steward’s number and email the Club to confirm that the headset was returned, particularly when the steward we left the headset with doesn’t have a clue what they have been given as can often happen.)

The whole commentary is provided by one person who my husband said was excellent.   It was an unbiased, descriptive commentary specifically for visually impaired fans without any chatter.   At the beginning the exact location of right and left was given and as well as describing play, the commentator also gave details of what the player being taken off was doing and the expression on a Manager’s face when they were “talking” to one of the officials.   All the things that sighted fans notice.     We did ask Elliott to pass on my husband’s thanks and feedback to the commentator. 


Attitude of Club Officials

Our first experience of stewards at Brighton was when we asked directions to the Ticket Office and they told us it didn’t matter which way we set off as it was the same distance either way.   This is incorrect.   Turning left is a much longer journey and involves the use of one of the longest ramps I have ever encountered.    When my husband, white-cane in hand, asked a subsequent steward for directions – they responded “See over there …” back came the reply from my husband, “no actually!”   We then witnessed the stewards in the South Stand failing to deal with the problem of many fans being unable to see the match because others in front of them were insisting on standing.   Stewards blamed the fans but were not prepared to deal with the problem.   Overall, therefore, not impressed by the stewards at Brighton.  


After the Match

As others have commented, the one lift for all the people who need it at the end means there was a queue but we didn’t think the wait was too long.   No queue to leave the bus park and we were quickly away. 


Will We go Again?

Yes, impressive new stadium that has good facilities for disabled fans but it seems the stewards let it down.   


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Stephen Kelly

Match: Brighton v Charlton (Tuesday, 2nd April 2013)

Published: 5/4/2013


I found the American Express Community stadium very welcoming, the staff very helpful; not just decent home fans,  but very, very nice home fans who would do anything to help visitors in a wheelchair.   A stadium I wouldn't hesitate going back to, and the stewarding was first class.   I didn't have to go to the food kiosk as I was shown to the bar/restaurant they have there by one of  the home supporters. I wasn't the only Charlton supporter in a wheelchair, and I think I speak on behalf of all the wheelchair supporters who were there when I say they couldn't do enough for us and they were absolutely brilliant,  and I have already asked Charlton for a ticket for next season. And they have said yes!

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Cath Dyer

Match: Brighton FC - Andrea Orlandi deserves some credit.

Published: 11/3/2013


Our deaf daughter met him loads during his time in Swansea, and he would always stop and "chat" with her, even reversing his car back once to see her. When he moved to Brighton, she sent him a good luck card, and he in return sent her a Brighton shirt.


Recently, we travelled to Cardiff to see Brighton playing, and Orlandi had kindly organised complimentary tickets for us. He met us after the match, and we had photos with him.


I contacted their programme editor, and had a short piece put in the programme, but just feel that he deserves to be recognised for this.

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Davey Drape

Match: v Newcastle in FA cup

Published: 15/1/2013


Great friendly stewards, police and staff inside and outside the stadium. I was generally impressed with the stadium but noticed (like the new wembley) the steps sloped down gradually, so well thought out. I certainly noticed the difference. I had ambulant and PA ticket.

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Gary Deards

Match: Brighton v Reading 10/04/2012

Published: 10/4/2012


I was looking forward to my visit to the new Amex stadium but unfortuna0tely my view of the game was restricted by the only 6ft 6in chap in Reading who decided to stand in front of my seat (he eventually swapped with his shorter girlfriend so i could see the goal area). I just wish architects would respect the views of Level Playing Field/NADS and listen to us when we say that using the 'C' vaues to determine sightlines isnt ideal as it is based on using averages of demographic data - anytime you get an above average individual wishing to stand, you get the same issue as shown in the photo (it appears I was the only one of our disabled fans affected so it's pot luck).


It's a shame really as the rest of the stadium is great with good access, refreshment areas and toilets. The only other downside is the lift needed to get back to the coach park - it's the slowest lift known to man and unfortunately it wasn't stewarded so that visiting supporters who needed to get back on board a coach weren't given priority. This meant that we missed the convoy out of the ground with the rest of our official travel as it took longer to load up our accessible coach.


If these 2 items can be rectified, i'd certainly recommend a visit as all things considered it's a great view/area for away fans.

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Match: Brighton v Liverpool 21/09/2011

Published: 21/9/2011


New stadium looked good and sounded good.


As a wheelchair supporter visiting the new Amex stadium, the infrastructure needs to be better. The only way to get to the stadium is Via A27 dual carriageway by car or bus. Eveyrone and his dog goes this way so you can imagine what it's like.


Did not use the local station so can't comment.


Car parking was free for visiting disabled 5 places, but due to sky taking disabled spaces these had gone but allowed to find another space.


Entrance to stadium was good and the viewing from away end was as good as wembley. When fans stand up in front still had view of pitch/game.


Toileting was a problem as non disabled used disabled toilets, but alternatives had been found, this is a problem at many stadiums.


After game exiting car park was mayhem to many cars for the size of exit into one small road leading back to dual carriageway game ended 9.45 got out of car park 11.15 be prepared to wait.


That said nice to have a good venue to watch a game.

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Rob Lewarne

Match: vs Colchester United

Published: 22/3/2011




Very helpful stewards gave directions to the car park and found me a space right next to the access with no problems.


The entrance is down a bit of a slope and then around the back of the stand to a raised viewing area in one corner.


Much the same as for anyone sitting at either end of the ground, the action is quite a long way away, dur to the running track between the stands and the pitch.


The toilets are up a short hill and are disabled freindly portakabins.


To get to the refreshments there is a very steep hill and one of the stewards very kindly went and got us a cup of tea at half time.

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