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Stadium Information


Cardiff City Stadium


Cardiff City Stadium
Leckwith Road
CF11 8AZ

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Mr Adam Gilliatt

Telephone no.

02920 643652

Disabled Supporters Association




Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


There is a club car park with 78 marked accessible parking spaces for home supporters. Cardiff City also allocates a further 25 parking bays in Zone D to help meet demand.

Parking spaces are sold via the ticket office on seasonal basis for home supporters.


There are 20 marked accessible parking bays within the away car park. 

Away supporters are asked to contact Adam as DAO who will send a permit in the post if time allows along with further information including directions before they travel to Cardiff. This should be advised to away supporters when purchasing tickets from their home Club.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Cardiff City see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.



Away Travel


The club does not offer accessible away travel to disabled supporters. The Club work closely with Cardiff City Supporters Club who operate fan coaches to all away fixtures.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Cardiff City Website

Spectator Viewing areas


Total provision is 189.


Home supporters have 167 spaces for wheelchair users available to them, and these can be found at raised levels close to pitch side, on raised platforms around the ground with further positions pitch side.


22 spaces for wheelchair users can be found at a raised level close to pitch side in the away section for visiting supporters.


There are 36 easy access seats available for home fans, and 2 easy access seats for away fans in the stadium.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 189 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside. 


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas. 




Accessible amenities


Cardiff City Stadium has accessible toilets located all around the stadium. Should you require assistance, please see your nearest steward.  All accessible toilets operate using a ‘radar’ key system.  We would advise you to bring your ‘radar’ access key with you.

Accessible services & information


Cardiff City Stadium has hearing loops at reception, the ticket office and the Club Superstore. Match commentaries are not currently available.

Facilities for assistance dogs are available, please contact Adam Gilliatt to arrange access.


The club shop is accessible for all fans and does have a low level serving counter. Catering kiosks in the home and away sections do have low level serving counters and so are fully accessible. There are also rest areas on the concourses for those who require them.


Cardiff City Club Website -


Updated December 2017.

Club Additional Information


For the 2017/18 season Cardiff have produced an away fans guide, with lots of information on the stadium, the area, travelling there etc. The guide can be viewed here

DSA Additional Information


Below from the Cardiff City website.


Cardiff City Football Club has an active Disabled Supporters Association. Our aim is to assist all disabled fans who support Cardiff City and those supporters from visiting clubs to fully enjoy the match-day experience. 


There are regular open social evenings where speakers from the Club take part in question and answer sessions and speak about football in general and their role in the club in particular. We also hold other social evenings with entertainment and similar activities throughout the year. 


We welcome all new members and if you wish to attend any functions you will be made most welcome.


Updated 24th May 2018

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Sheffield United Disabled Supporters (SUDS)

Match: Cardiff v Sheffield United 15th August 2017

Published: 16/8/2017


Coaches are parked outside the turnstiles.  It was level access to the wheelchair viewing area. The wheelchair area is situated at the corner, pitchside and is quite large. It is an excellent view of the pitch.  No obstacles and no one walking through as at most grounds. The toilets were quite spacious and exceptionally clean. The stewards were excellent and very friendly and helpful. We would always come again no problem. Tickets reasonable priced unlike some grounds in this league.

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Steve Evans

Match: Cardiff v Liverpool 22 March 2014

Published: 27/3/2014


My wife and I as a disabled wheelchair user, wish to state how good the facilities and all the staff, whether they are contracted in or the clubs own staff, were on my visit to Cardiff recently. From arriving at the wrong end of the stadium when I was politely greeted and advised of the correct direction, to the moment we left to go home and was waved off with a hearty smile and 'safe journey, hope you enjoyed your day' farewell.


Everyone of the staff we spoke to were extremely welcoming and went out of their way to help. Getting me a programme after I had not realised they are not sold in the concourse, taking me to and escorting me back from the toilet. Helping me to park by guiding me in and helping me reverse out whilst stopping any other traffic that may endanger me. The disabled section stewards are to be commended, especially the lady who's name I forget who did actually get the programme for me after I asked another steward gentleman and he was also willing to go back out and get me one, they decided between them in the end. Nothing was too much trouble and the Cardiff fans I did speak to were friendly enough, as also witnessed at Wembley at  the previous League Cup Final between us.


As for the stadium itself, the facilities are second to none in my opinion, good eating and drinking choices, which may I say is reasonably priced compared to some! My only minor issue would be the lack of a low shelf to put my food and drink on. The viewing area was superb, with great views of the pitch from the corner flag area and plenty of space for my wheelchair, although we may get wet if the wind was blowing in a different direction, but in fairness it was raining and I did not get wet at all.


A new stadium, but also a great stadium, thank you.


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Sheila Brown

Match: Cardiff City V Newcastle United

Published: 13/10/2013


A big massive THANK YOU has to go to Phil Halligey and all the staff at Cardiff City. As Newcastle United said all carpark places were for disabled wheelchair users only I was thinking big problems for me especially as I had had a fall and broke my leg it was going to be an even bigger struggle than normal. I should not of worried.  My nephew you had emailed for information about parking and Phil telephoned my nephew with all the information we needed.  We arrived early and were able to park in the away carpark at a cost of £8.00 worth every penny as we were outside the turnstiles. All the stewards were so friendly and helpful.


I was took through the disabled entrance and was met by a  lovely lady steward who showed me to the toilets and then took myself and nephew to two wheelchair helper seats at the front which had not been sold. We were able to sit and enjoy the game with the stewards asking if we were ok a number of times. My nephew was even able to go to the car at halftime for a coat.


Cardiff City could not of been more helpful a super ground with super staff many clubs could learn from Cardiff City as the stewards respected the supporters. One more thing I don't know if it was Newcastle United or Cardiff City who decide where ambulant and carer supporters sat but Row JJ was actually the very back row. As we all know away supporters always stand but not all away ambulant supporters are able to stand for 90 minutes so I think most times the best seats for many ambulant would be the front row and not the back.


Once again I must say a big thank you to Cardiff City and all the staff. If you go to Cardiff you will not be disappointed.

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Sheila Brown

Match: Going to Cardiff City v Newcastle United

Published: 2/10/2013


As Cardiff is a ground which I have not yet visted I always look on LPF for imformation. Having read the comments I thought looks ideal for me. I am an ambulant disabled supporter and walk with the aid of a crutch and a helper. As every supporter knows away supporters always stand which I can't do so I need to sit in the front row.


I noticed a Wolves supporter said ambulant sit in front row perfect for me but I'm now hoping row JJ is the front row as that's what NUFC have sent me today.


Also read parking facilities are available for disabled supporters outside away end again I thought Perfect. I telephoned Newcastle United to request a parking space and the answer was no as the parking spaces at Cardiff are for wheelchair users only.


I also read disabled and ambulant tickets are supported by wallets that give increased information nothing with my tickets but looks like that's down to Newcastle United.


As it's not possible for me to travel to and from Cardiff same day the hotel is booked and paid for I just hope I will be able to see the game.


Can anybody tell me is row JJ the front?  Do ambulant and carer sit in front row at Cardiff? Is there anywhere to sit at drop of point while I wait for driver to help me in the ground? Any information would be appreciated.


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Lynn Ratcliffe

Match: Cardiff v Manchester City

Published: 27/8/2013


I am a disabled fan who has an Assistance Dog, I am ambulant but used the wheelchair area because of my Dog.


We arrived by coach which was parked right outside the away end, the stewards and police were very welcoming and approachable, they showed us through the disabled entrance and took us to our seats.


Although on the website it says you are pitchside were were actually raised of the ground and had a good view of the playing area with no obstructions, if it is a sunny day you may want to take a sun hat and put cream on as there was no shade in the away section.


There were refreshment counters which were accessible and the food and drink reasonably priced, we also got a voucher which gave us a £1 discount on a hot drink.


The toilet facilities were large and very clean.


At halftime fans in the away section were allowed out of the stadium to have a smoke, I took the opportunity to toilet the dog, the compound was spacious and safe.


The atmosphere inside the ground was amazing with both sets of fans giving it all in support of their teams.


After the match we got away safely with a police escort to the motorway.


It was a fantastic away trip and I would certainly go again, hoping for a better result on the pitch.


Well done Cardiff City, good luck this season!

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Phil Halligey

Match: Charlton 12/13

Published: 27/3/2013


Response to previously made comments.


By Mr Rodney Gough - BEFORE his visit to watch Charlton.


We understand that many / the majority of people struggle to read the amount of information on the rear of ticket stock, but this is a problem nationwide and I would suggest at all clubs! We at Cardiff City, now only put this information on the reverse of tickets because the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) expect it of us. Unless tickets become A4 size we do not see this problem changing but are happy to view exemplar ticket stock for consideration if you have suggestions?


In addition our disabled and ambulant tickets are supported by wallets that give increased information but we are again reliant on the Home club supplying these with the match tickets as we are with the free parking permits.


All information including travel and directions is better obtained from our website and we will use this comment as further consideration for removal of cluttered information from ticket stock.


The disabled platform at the front of the away section is raised and under the cover of a roof that gives reasonable protection in the South East quadrant. Generally fan experience is very positive and perhaps your comments maybe different after your visit not before?

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Phil Halligey

Match: Wolves 2012/13

Published: 27/3/2013


Response to previously made comments.


By Lin Corbett - following his visit to watch Wolves.


Glad you enjoyed your first visit to Cardiff City Stadium!



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Phil Halligey

Match: Response to above

Published: 27/3/2013


Response to previously made comments.


By Mr Andrew Patterson - following his visit to watch Leeds United.


Contarary to your view, Leeds United were / are made aware that their disabled supporters could travel independently without restriction. Subsequently and routinely, Parking facilities are made available for Disabled persons immediately outside the turnstiles free of charge.


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Rodney Gough

Match: Charlton 16/4/13

Published: 14/3/2013


just got ticket noticed disabled fan are out in the elements so the view will need to be good to compensate maybe getting soaked ( new stadium well thought out). Directions on rear of ticket, need to read with a magnifying glass so reading them on the M4 in the dark impossible. Please note partially sighted fans would need larger print. Diolch Cardiff.

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Lin Corbett

Match: v Wolves 2nd September 2012

Published: 1/11/2012


Pricing was full price for disabled fans and a free ticket for their helpers.

Great new stadium where wheelchair users sat at the front near to the corner flag, ambulant disabled seated in the front row behind them. Excellent facilities, well done Cardiff!!

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Andrew Paterson

Match: Disabled Parking 15/06/2012

Published: 15/6/2012


As a Leeds Utd fan, I often have to get my ticket ticket from South Wales Police at the Cardiff Gate Services. There are no accessible provisions for disabled people driving by themselves. This needs to be improved as I have often have to park near Cardiff City home supportors and walk round in my Leeds Utd colours to the correct end of the stadium with no police protection at all.

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