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Stadium Information


One Call Stadium


Quarry lane
NG18 5DA

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Alan Lakin

Telephone no.

07887 832 125

Disabled Supporters Association


There is no DSA at present.



Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


Getting a Ticket


Information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Mansfield Town website.


Spectator Viewing areas


Home supporters have 36 spaces for wheelchair users available to them, and these can be found on elevated platforms and at pitchside. 26 spaces for wheelchair users can be found on an elevated platform and at pitchside in the away section for away supporters. For more information click here.



NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 91 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 68% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 29 wheelchair spaces. 


Accessible amenities


There are 8 accessible toilets available in the stadium.

Accessible services & information


Audio Descriptive Commentary is available.



Updated with partial information December 2017.

Club Additional Information


Disabled supporters are advised to ring the Mansfield Town ticket office on 01623 482 482 prior to their visit at One Call Stadium.


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Match: 27/10/18

Published: 29/10/2018


I am a powerchair user and my husband is severely visually impaired.    This was our first visit as away fans to the One Call Stadium.  We travelled to the ground in a wheelchair accessible coach, part of our Club’s official away travel.


Outside the Ground

Not sure why but our driver seemed to have some fun getting to the away end, but at the 3rd attempt parked opposite the parking for the retail park, almost touching the stadium at the away end.    


Seating Area

We entered the stadium through a large metal gate and proceeded along an entry in the back of the away stand along with all the other away fans.  The wheelchair accessible seating areas were then immediately to your left and right.    From here we got an excellent uninterrupted view of the pitch as we were higher than pitch level with 3 rows of seats below us.  Able bodied fans from this level descended 4 steps to climb up either side into the main seating area above us.   Very few sat on the seats in front of us and they didn’t stand, if these seats were full with people standing, the view from the wheelchair areas would be problematic.     Bit of an unusual layout to describe, but it worked well for our visit.     Drop down plastic seating in twos for carers/PAs along the walls at the back of each of the wheelchair viewing areas and a really wide area in front, so no problem for one wheelchair user to pass another.    We had two wheelchair users either side and we could have easily fitted in a couple more.   We sat on the right hand side and did move during the strikers’ warm up as the practice goal was right in front of us and we know that it is all too easy to be hurt.    The roof of the stand came well over but when it did rain it blew in on us but it was a very windy afternoon and thankfully did not rain much!


Accessible Toilet

On your left in the passage way through which you entered the stand.   Fair size.     I could only get cold water and couldn’t get a very old looking hand drier to work for any longer than the shortest of bursts.  I had heard on the radio of a scheme by which sports stadiums are being encouraged to have free sanitary items in their toilets.    Mansfield was the first time I had seen this done with a very nice notice.    Well done Mansfield, top marks for this.   



We always take our own and I did not see where refreshments were sold but we were told by a steward before the match that someone would come just before half time to ask if we wanted drinks and this did happen.    



Friendly and helpful.


Audio Commentary

I used the email address on Mansfield’s website to contact their DLA prior to the match to enquire about this.    He replied (as I asked them to) giving instructions on how we collected and returned it at the end.     The steward who we spoke to when we arrived, when he checked about it over his radio confirmed that we were expected and helpfully escorted us to where we collected it from (which was not far away, half-way round the next side of the stadium).   My husband said that it was a helpful, fair commentary which he was grateful for.    The only problem he had was the volume dropped at times making it difficult to hear but he thought this might be due to the high winds.   At the end, he handed the headset back to the same steward, who happily took it.     The email we received did say that on collection credit card details would be taken but this did not happen.  


Leaving the Ground

No problems.


Would we go again

Yes, happily.    


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Sheila Quinn

Match: Mansfield v York City 11/03/2014

Published: 17/3/2014


We bought our tickets in advance direct from York


Prior to the match we had a meal at the Widdecombe Fair pub  (fayre & square) at Mansfield.


On reaching the ground we parked in the overflow car park  which I had booked 2 weeks prior to the match. The main car park was sold out. £5 charge. This was a bit of wasteland & very uneven, not really suitable for wheelchairs, but we were grateful for the space.


Entering the ground we passed the accessible toilet & the wheelchair spaces were on a raised platform just in front of us  and on the right side of our own supporters. As there were only 2 wheelchairs there, there was plenty of room to choose our positions for the best view of the pitch, though not all spaces had an unobstructive view.


There were 3 rows of seats in front of us, but they were covered over so no-one could sit there.


The refreshments were a few yards from where we were but if your under 5 ft or in a wheelchair don’t bother going. Someone else bought us a meat & potato pie which was cold & horrible.(went in the bin)


There were plenty of programme sellers inside & outside the ground, so we didn't enter the club shop.

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Sheffield United Disabled Supporters Club (SUDS)

Match: Mansfield v Sheffield United (In a Friendly)

Published: 28/8/2013


Although I knew where the stadium is there was no signage to it for strangers to the area. We went up Midalnd Road and parked ouotside the disabled entrance as there was room for 6 with blue badges and on a first come first served basis, otherwise you would have to park in the retail outlets opposite.


Plenty of wheelchair spaces (2 areas of 12 spaces each) elevated although not very high. Only 3 rows high and the seats in front are not netted off so supporters stand up. Not fully undercover and would get wet if it rained. Carers are supposed to sit alongside but if the wheelchairs are at the back of the area they cannot see as there is a concrete barrier with a handrail on it for the other supporters to use when going up steps.  


The Tannoy system is terrible and you cannot hear it at all. Stewards helpful but disappeared at 3pm when match started.

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Match: Mansfield V Liverpool FA Cup

Published: 8/1/2013


Travelled to Mansfield from Liverpool via the Buxton route, easy to find stadium.  Because of the large crowd we had been permitted to park in the retails park at the rear of the away end cost £5 given reciept to put in car window, otherwise can only park for 2 hours and fines are handed out otherwise. 


Entry into stadium was easy from the car park, decent accessible toilets. Access into wheelchair area easy but with three rows of seats in front little scared incase those in front stood up, but thnks to them they sat down and the view of the game was good. 


Stewards on the day were reasonable although they had been drafted in for such a big game, and many were door staff who may not have understood the needs of football fans, but thnakfully I encounterd no problems.  This is a small stadium but I would visit again without hesitation all in all a good day out, getting away after the game was also easy.

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