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Stadium Information


Kenilworth Road Stadium


1 Maple Road

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Mike Hooker

Telephone no.

01582 419 976

Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


Richard Hill




Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


All parking is in Hazelbury Crescent car park 100 metres from the stadium. Applications  for parking should be made to Chris Clark (Club Secretary) at (phone 01582 411622). The Kenilworth Road Stand has level access into the ground with ramped access to the disabled viewing area, as does the Maple Road entrance.

Getting a Ticket


If you would like to purchase tickets in the disabled areas at Kenilworth Road, email or telephone 01582 416976.

Spectator Viewing areas


There are 18 wheelchair user spaces available for home fans. There are 10 wheelchair users spaces available for away fans. 


There are 40 easy access and amenity seats in the stadium.



NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 100 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 28% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 72 wheelchair spaces. 

Accessible amenities


There are 2 accessible toilets in the stadium and these are based at either end of the Main Stand. 


Catering facilities are within 30 metres of the Kenilworth Road area with dedicated facilities for disabled supporters. There is a catering trolley at the Maple Road area. Steward assistance can be provided on request.

Accessible services & information


There is a choice of location with adjacent seating for personal assistants for blind and partially sighted fans. Audio Descriptive Commentary is available in all areas of the stadium - To book a receiver on a matchday, supporters will need to book in advance either with the Ticket Office on 01582 416976 or through the LTDSA.


Updated December 2017.

DSA Additional Information


 Updated 24th May 2108


Roving Reports


Roving Report by Aidan Stott

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Match: 09/10/2018

Published: 21/10/2018


I am a powerchair user and my husband is severely visually impaired.    This was our first visit to Kenilworth Road, travelling in a wheelchair accessible coach, part of our Club’s official away travel.   Sadly, I fully concur with the earlier negative reviews of Kenilworth Road for visiting away wheelchair users (and Luton’s own wheelchair fans who have to experience the same).


Outside the Ground

The Ground is located behind a shopping street in an area of narrow roads.  To drop-off at the away end, the coaches were directed the wrong way down a closed narrow residential street on an incline.   When I got off the coach I had to go to the top of the street and turn left up a fairly steep hill to find a flat kerb to access the pavement.   Unlike able bodied fans we had had to purchase our tickets from Luton and we were told it would be easy to collect our tickets when we arrived.    We never actually found our tickets.    Fellow fans tried to locate them for us but failed, instead a helpful Club Official told stewards on the door to let us in as he could vouch we had paid!   As this was at a game where we were told it was the smallest home attendance ever, I would wish any visiting away fan good luck in finding their tickets.


Entry to the Ground

Entry was through a large gate just slightly up the hill from where I found the dropped kerb.  On entering, straight in front was a long, steep, fairly narrow, descending, concrete path between two walls with a slight bend near the top.      At the bottom of this is a 90-degree bend to an even steeper shorter slope covered in astro-turf that takes you to pitch level.     As an experienced, competent user of a 6-wheeled powerchair with backward tilt (to compensate for the gradient) I coped with care.    I witnessed others struggling to the point of clearly not being safe for the wheelchair user.  It was also unsafe in my view for the stewards and family members helping wheelchair users.    Having now been myself, I can well believe the previous accounts of frightening experiences at this ground.   I have no doubt that if it has not happened already, someone will be seriously injured due to the extreme gradient.    I do wonder whether this is compliant with the regulations/good practice guidance on ramp gradients.   


Viewing Area

After arriving pitch side, we were shown through a gate into a recessed area on the long side commencing level with the corner flag.    There were two sets of about 4 let down plastic seats interspersed with spaces sufficient to fit two wheelchairs.     The right-hand view down the pitch at the far end of this area was obscured by metal poles but otherwise the view of the pitch was good and remained so throughout the game.     The away end was at a 90-degree angle to the left (behind the goal) and filled from the opposite end so the 4 of us felt a long way from our own fans with a very verbally hostile home crowd behind us, though in fairness to the home fans we were never subjected to any personal abuse.   As the home fans were sat with their hands almost on top of our heads, it did feel very intimidating, as it would have been very easy to have hit us from behind had they been so minded.       There is no excuse for sitting away fans in a stand for home fans and Luton need to get this sorted urgently along with their gradients.   Telling us it is an old ground, as it may be, does not excuse these failings.       I notice the info on Luton Town’s LPF page says there are 10 spaces available for away fans who are wheelchair users.    I was with one other away wheelchair user and as we would have struggled to fit in more, I am not sure where they would accommodate 10 away fans in wheelchairs.


Accessible Toilet

Only when we had negotiated the “North Face” were we informed the accessible toilet is as you entered the ground, back up the “North Face”.   It would be extremely helpful if the stewards pointed this out to visiting fans before they went down to the viewing area!   One accessible toilet.   It was a good size, clean, with hot water, hand soap and paper towels but it stank!    When I pointed this out to the steward, he informed me that all the toilets in the stadium always stink!!    Again, not good enough, it needs sorting!    No excuses.


Headset Commentary for Visually Impaired Fans

Luton’s LPF page says there is a headset commentary available in all areas of the ground.  We did not enquire about this as my husband chose instead to listen to the BBC 3 Counties commentary on his radio.



Very keen, perhaps understandably, to ensure your descent into the ground was achieved safely.    Very disappointed by the Head of Safety, who when he came and asked if we would like to sit at the away end, addressed his question to the people we were with “Would they like to….”   He was told, “well ask them”.    It turned out, we could only sit in the away end if we could transfer to the standard seating there and as such, yes we would like to sit at the away end but there were no facilities for us to do so.    


Leaving the Ground

At least the ascent out of the ground is easier than the descent into it.     We returned to where our coach had dropped us off.    In the dark and aware that there were home fans being held back from getting to the coaches, it all felt rather unpleasant.  Without any assistance from stewards and unable to see anything in the dark, my husband said he was frightened.    Due to how the coaches had been positioned in the road, there was not really enough flat ground for the ramp to sit flat on the road, which made it much more difficult than usual to get our chairs onto the lift.   


Would we go again

We have visited around 50 football grounds in the past 11 years.    Kenilworth Road rates among the worst, if not “the” worst to visit as an away wheelchair fan.     We would have to think very carefully about whether we would ever go again unless they improve the gradients getting into the ground and allow away wheelchair fans to sit at the away end.   


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Sheila Quinn

Match: Luton Town v York city

Published: 19/10/2015


I ordered our tickets direct from Luton & also booked a car parking space which Mark kindly emailed me a street map of our parking space.


We found our parking space close to the ground easily and went to the main reception where we were told to collect our ticket, for some unknown reason they had been sent to the away end, but the friendly staff at reception arranged for them to be brought to me.  Nice gesture.


Entering the ground at the home end  a steward wheeled the wheelchair in for me and then another steward wheeled the wheelchair down the steep ramp.  I asked if we could sit in the corner next to the stewards, this was fine and a good view.


I saw the other carers going through the front gate & up a ramp to the teabar but I wasnt allowed. Instead the steward escorted me to the teabar at the back of where we were sitting, and waited for me,  I could barely see over the counter so I just bought a bar of chocolate.  Definately not wheelchair accessible, nor small people accessible.


Never saw the club shop but there were program sellers walking round the ground.


Toilets were accessible but stewards have to take you.


A good view at pitchside just a shame we couldnt sit with or even near our own supporters.


After the match I asked a steward if he could push the wheelchair up the ramp, He spoke on his radio & someone else came to help but left us up only the first ramp. I tried to push up the outer ramp and couldnt manage it but 2 Luton fans came to my assistance.


The stewards were obviously frightened of the Luton fans but it was a better experience than the last few visits.

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Stephen Tovey carer of Howard "basher" Benfield

Match: Luton Town v Portsmouth Saturday

Published: 31/8/2015


We travel by supporters club coaches to away matches. Luton Town was only second to Newport in Nightmare experiences last season in League Two . Obtaining tickets was not an issue as thses were ordered and posted to Howard in advance by Luton Town . Following on from last season we did make contact through Police liason Officer to see if Police could help improve our experience this year which I am pleased to say they did and for we would like to thank officers and staff of Luton Town for arranging. There is as highlighted in other article a problem with access to disabled section . Unless you have motorised chair it is not a pleasant experience . Chair has to be pushed uphill to entrance and then down a steep ramp which is not manageable by one person . This really needs looking at and alternative entrance arranged with club . It is a white knuckle ride to be avoided . Whilst stewards are willing to help , they are young and inexperienced . The Young lad negotiating second downhill ramp lost control of chair and nearly ended up on pitch , but for quick thinking colleague at bottom of ramp . Once you are in section view of pitch is good and stewards could not be more helpful . Chief steward brought two police officers to see us prematch who said they would meet us at end of game and see us safely back to coach . Steward said his staff would get us out of ground at end of game via toilets. All of which much appreciated. What concerns me is what position is re safety licence and exiting ground . We were seated behind a wall . Only exit in case of a fire is via two metal gates either end of wall onto the pitch . in the section itself there is insufficient room for two chairs to pass each other safely . Is this really acceptable to football and local authority and Level Playing Field . At end of game , as per last season it took two stewards and policeman to get chair out of the ground . The Police were excellent they even had a mobile ramp as you see on National Rail to get chair onto pavement and escorted through two mobile steel walls that had created no go area at end of game . So once again thank you to Police and stewards for their help , but club really needs to look at experience itself

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Sheila Quinn

Match: Luton Town v York City 10/02/2015

Published: 17/2/2015



We bought our tickets by phone prior to the match & I requested a wheelchair parking space but none were available  but I was told we could park in the Beech Hill School playgound 5 minutes away
We ate at the Leicester Arms,  a few minutes away from ground.
On arriving at ground we asked a steward where we collected tickets from,   Told to go down an alley to main ticket office,   On passing the away turnstiles where none of the stewards were talking in English, they approached us so I told them we wanted to collect tickets & they actually had them at the away turnstile.  We left the others in our party to try and find a way in,  This was round the corner with the home fans and a steward let us in through  a gate
but she didnt know where we had to go,  Start of another nightmare.   Another steward showed us the very steep ramp which we went down to a wheelchair section., pitchside infront of the home fans. we found the disabled toilets but there was no access to the tea bar.
Program sellers were continually walking round the ground,
There was one other disability scooter (Luton supporter) in the area.
The Luton fans were very intimidating and abusive behind us, and all standing and leaning over the boards behind us hammering on them only inches from our heads.  
I never dared stand up or cheer when we scored our first goal, but the second goal I did & got a load of abuse for it,
That place is a living nightmare   and must improve.   And the stewards could be more helpful, We were completely ignored by them.
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