Guiding Principles

Level Playing Field (LPF) believes that being a disabled person is a social issue and that an individual only becomes disabled because of the social, attitudinal and environmental barriers that the individual faces (this is known as the social model of disability).


Our efforts are focussed on removing these barriers in all sports. LPF and its members will know they have succeeded when:


all fans can enjoy an equal experience at live sports events;

  • all stadia and sports venues are fully accessible and inclusive;

  • all customer and/or fan services are equal and inclusive;

  • disabled people are seen as customers with a commercial value


We are guided by the following principles:


  • Anti-discrimination - so that disabled people do not face discrimination arising from poor or misinformed practice.

  • Equality of opportunity or making things fairer - for disabled people in every aspect of their contact with sports clubs and venues.

  • Increasing the independence and choices that disabled people have.

  • Individual needs / Diversity - recognising that a disabled person is an individual who, like all others, has his or her own needs, abilities, human rights and responsibilities.

  • Integration/inclusion – such that services are made accessible to disabled people and offer choice.

  • Involvement in decision-making - so that disabled people, and/or their advocates, are consulted before decisions which affect them are made.

  • The social model of disability explains that it is social and physical ‘barriers’ that cause ‘disability’ not impairments.


LPF is working to remove the barriers that currently exclude disabled people. These barriers can be:


  • prejudice and stereotypes

  • the way things are organised and run

  • little or no access to information, buildings and transport


To download a PDF of the Guiding Principles with footnotes please click here.


To download a PDF copy of the LPF Governing Constitution click here.