Weeks of Action: A Day At The Football - by Theresa Gazard

Theresa Gazard

As part of Luton Town's Weeks of Action celebrations, Hatters fan Theresa Gazard sent the club a poem about her matchday experience at Kenilworth Road.


The club had asked disabled supporters to contact the club with their thoughts, experiences and suggestion as to their matchday at Luton Town, and Theresa got creative and penned the following poem...


A Day At The Football - by Theresa Gazard

Being a disabled football supporter is tough
Here at Luton the staff do more than enough 
A few years ago I could walk to the ground 
Today a parking space must be found  
Most weeks without a doubt 
The club will try and sort this out 
Once the turnstiles I could spin
Now they are bars I can't get in
I have to go in a special gate
It's no problem the stewards are great 
My fellow fans play their part too
Always giving me room to get through 
Nobody ever says hurry up move on
When they have to wait as I shuffle along
Our barmy army who appear hard and bold 
They still have respect for the disabled and old 
Someone needs to take me to the Kenny
It's wonderful it does not cost them a penny
I couldn't go to matches if these things. we're not true
The club and fans of Luton Town I salute you
By T. Gazard