Working Together: Clubs & Disabled Fans

Introduction to the Working Together Project


The aim of the Level Playing Field (LPF) Working Together project is to improve the relationship, awareness and cooperation between disabled fans, clubs and non-disabled fans. This has been done by supporting clubs and disabled fans to help them form pan-disability user-led Disabled Supporters Associations (DSA’s). The project also aims to establish relationships with existing DSA’s, clubs and disabled fans and to raise awareness of disability by educating people about access and inclusion issues in football.


The project has a number of objectives which are detailed below.


  1. To assist clubs to set up a self-sufficient and sustainable user led Disabled Supporters Associations (DSA’s).
  2. To establish new regional forums so DSA’s, clubs and disabled fans can share information and best practise.
  3. To work with clubs to share current and future good practice to come as a result of working with Level Playing Field on the project
  4. Level Playing Field will work with DSA’s and clubs to promote disability awareness amongst disabled and non-disabled fans
  5. Level Playing Field will assist the club to recruit local Ambassadors to work with both the Club and DSA and attend events on their behalf to highlight the work being done for disabled fans.
  6. Level Playing Field will assist in creating links between the club / DSA with local community organisations/charities that provide alternative/accessible services such as Braille documents and audio commentary.



If you would like to learn more about the project or would like to get involved please email us at or call 020 8621 2403.