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New Smartphone app: Georgie

A smartphone with the Georgie app tells you where you are, what’s around and which way you are traveling, when the next bus is coming and where to get off.

The Georgie suite of apps on your smartphone can:

• Call up family and friends for you from a simple list • Remember places, useful landmarks or hazards you pass on your journeys. Tell you the direction and distance to them and speak them as you pass by • Tell you the direction and distance to the nearest pub, school, church, library and all sorts of other places • Guide you to your bus stop; Tell you when the next bus is due; speak out bus stops as you pass them and so make sure you can relax and get off at the right stop • Tell you what colour a garment or item is • Give you an instant local weather forecast for the next few days • Find and call you a cab if you lost in the rain • Send a voice text message or voice tweet to your family, friends or colleagues • Answer factual questions, perform calculations or conversions • Take a photograph of an object and tell you what that object is • Read you a book, a talking newspaper or let you hear on demand radio show or podcast of interest • Look at a document such as a printed letter, menu or bill, and read it to you • Keep your loved ones informed as to where you are and call them for you if you get lost or in trouble

There are two ways you can converse with the smartphone Georgie suite of apps:

1. Your fingers Activate large buttons with your finger. Explore the screen by touch and linger with your finger to activate a button and move into the next screen of choices. Go back a screen with a two-finger swipe from right to left roughly in the centre, i.e. place two fingers a little apart near the right hand edge and swipe as if you are drawing an equals sign to the left edge. Where there is text, move between pages by a two-finger swipe up or down the screen. i.e. to move forward a page, place two fingers a little apart at the bottom of the screen and swipe up to the top edge. 2. Your voice: When you need to enter text into your phone you will be asked to speak what you want to say. The smartphone will let you know something is happening. Touch the middle of the screen and the smartphone will say what it thinks you said to it. If you agree, linger your finger, you will hear a beep and the smartphone will speak out its response. If you don’t agree and the smartphone got it wrong, activate the CLEAR button near the bottom of the screen and try again.