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Reading fan with Tourette’s aims to raise awareness of the condition

"It has 100% changed the way I feel about going to games now." - Kieran is a season ticket holder at the Madejski Stadium and after feeling uncomfortable at several games, decided to reach out to fellow fans.

Reading fan Kieran Challis, 21, aims to raise awareness for Tourette’s after feeling ‘uncomfortable’ at games.

Kieran suffers from vocal and motor tics, which cause him to make involuntary sounds and movements.

After a string of negative experiences on matchdays, he decided to reach out to his club’s fans on Twitter, which he found ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

He said: “It has 100% changed the way I feel about going to games now.”

In the social media post he published on Twitter, he explained: “There has been a few home and away games where I have been made uncomfortable. This isn’t people’s fault, it’s the fact I’m too nervous to say anything to the people.”

He continued by explaining that sometimes he constantly shakes his head, or makes noises, which isn’t an attempt to annoy people.

Talking to BBC Radio Berkshire, he said: “Loads of people have been really supportive, saying: ‘Keep your head up, it’s really brave what you’re doing’,

“I don’t want to pick out the people who have said things to me – I just want to spread that awareness.”

Despite the “dirty stares” and remarks towards his condition, Kieran claims watching his beloved Reading FC is his escape, where he can just let it all out and be himself.