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Stadium Information


Emirates Stadium


Arsenal Football Club,

Highbury House,

75 Drayton Park,


N5 1BU

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Alun Francis

Telephone no.

0207 704 4492 or Disability Information line on 020 7619 5050 (open Mon-Fri 9.30-5.00)

E-mail address

Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


Anne Hyde






Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


Arsenal Club Website: Getting to the Emirates



The club provides 96 parking spaces for home supporters and 6 for away supporters and requires pre-booking. Away supporters wanting to book parking should contact their DAO or Box Office. The recommended drop off points are located outside the Armoury Store on Hornsey Road, or on Drayton Park by the Danny Fiszman Bridge.



Unfortunately, the closest  Underground Stations to Emirates Stadium, Arsenal, Holloway Road and Highbury & Islington are all inaccessible to wheelchair users although some ambulant disabled supporters might be able to use them. However, the London Overground platforms at Highbury & Islington are wheelchair accessible. Further information is available through


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Arsenal see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.



All TFL main bus routes are now wheelchair accessible. The main bus stops close to the stadium are located on Holloway Road, Nags Head, Seven Sisters Road, Blackstock Road and Highbury Corner. Further information is available through



All London Style ’Black Cabs’ are now wheelchair accessible and can provide a suitable alternative to the bus or car. Suggested drop off points are either outside the Armoury Store or in Queensland Road at the entrance to the stadium car park.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Arsenal Website here

Spectator Viewing areas


There are 258 spaces for wheelchair users on raised platforms located throughout the ground. This is made up of 233 for home fans and 25 for away fans. Approximately 80 of these spaces are available on a match by match basis. These spaces are heavily oversubscribed. 


All conference, banqueting and meeting facilities are also fully accessible to disabled people.


A total of 252 seats are available and are allocated to both ambulant and blind/partially sighted supporters. Approximately 100 of these spaces are available on a match by match basis. These seats are heavily oversubscribed.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 250 wheelchair spaces (213 home and up to 37 away). 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.



LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas. 


Based on the above, the club therefore exceeds the current minimum guidance. 

Accessible amenities


The conference, banqueting and meeting facilities include lift access from car park or podium level, accessible toilets and induction loops for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  For further information please contact 0845 262 0004.

For Assistance Dog users, the stadium provides a dog toilet area. The Assistance Dog toilet facility is located just outside the stadium on the podium opposite Turnstile Block E. Facility is fitted with a RADAR lock.  


A Disabled Supporters Lounge is open for disabled supporters (and their personal assistants) before every home game at Emirates Stadium. The Lounge is located just inside the Museum Entrance which is outside the stadium in the Northern Triangle Building on podium level opposite turnstile Block E. Once you are inside The Arsenal Museum entrance, the Disabled Supporters Lounge is on your right.


Rest points: There are concrete benches located on podium level at the southern end of the stadium and concrete steps suitable for seating at the northern end of the stadium. 


There are 41 accessible toilets available at the stadium.

In April 2014, a Changing Places facility was installed at the stadium. This is located in block 48 on Club Level. On a match day disabled supporters not on Club Level wanting to use the Changing Places facility should contact the Disability Liaison Team (DLT) via any steward and a member of the DLT will come and escort you from your seat/wheelchair user space to the facility and back again.


In September 2017, a 'Sensory Room' was opened and available for fans. For more information please contact

Accessible services & information


There is an audio commentary system for blind and partially sighted supporters. This service is free of charge and available to away supporters. Contact the club for use of the audio described commentary system.


Arsenal Audio Programme Service for Blind and Partially Sighted Supporters - The Arsenal Audio Programme is  now be available as a Podcast. The Podcast can be downloaded here.

Induction loops are located around the stadium. These can be found in the match day and non-match day box offices. Also in the Disabled Supporters Lounge area and the function areas on Club Level.


Arsenal Club Website - Disabled Supporters Information


Updated 24th May 2018.

Club Additional Information


Arsenal have recently launched a dedicated Twitter service for it's disabled supporters. To follow the Twitter account please go to:  @afc_disability

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Billy Smith

Match: Numerous

Published: 22/1/2018


Hello, I'd just like to say what a fantastic place the Emirates is for an ambulant disabled like myself. For many years I went to see Dundee United and gave it up because of the disgraceful facilities there. I went to the Emirates one time with my nephew and was completely and utterly blown away by the facilities and how friendly everyone was. I became a purple member after that and for the last 3 years I've come down from Scotland to watch 5 or 6 games a year.


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Howard Cyprien

Match: Arsenal Vs Watford, 02.04.2016

Published: 3/4/2016


Great Stadium, but the lift mamagement for disabled supporters is very poor, as usual we come second, clearly the lift attenants ain't trained, something needs to be done.


Howard, London

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Amy Wilson

Match: vs Everton

Published: 7/4/2015


I have been to the Emirates many times with Everton and it is one of the better grounds for a disabled away supporter to visit. 


Firstly and quite importantly for me, the disabled away supporters are sat in the away end, so I can easily get to see my friends in the concourse prior to the game. Vitally, the view from the raised platform is one of the best from a wheelchair area that is located at the back row of lower tiers.  When fans who are in front of this platform stand up, there is no issues as the wheelchair users can still see above these standing supporters. The sightlines of the pitch are totally unobstructed too. Arsenal have proved that you can design a really good raised viewing area from the back of a stand, certain other clubs need to look at how well this works at the Emirates and replicate this design at their club. You can also get quite a number of wheelchairs and carers on this platform which is great, on Everton's last visit there in March 2015, there were at least 11 wheelchair supporters in attendance.


The disabled toilet is located near to the disabled bays and is very spacious and can only be accessed via a RADAR key.  The stewards are helpful and friendly too.

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Ryan Beckett

Match: Arsenal vs Hull City AFC 18/10/14

Published: 6/11/2014


Good experience at Arsenal.


View from the disabled area is good, don't realise how big the stadium is as disabled area is at the back under the above tier. Not ideal that Carers have to sit behind the wheelchair user. Access to concourse which is good, as not always the case for disabled fans at other stadiums. Disabled toilets located near entrance to the seats.

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Arsenal Response to Aidan Cosgrave

Match: Arsenal v Swansea

Published: 9/4/2014


The Club has also been contacted by Mr Cosgrave, a full response sent to him directly, and positive communication exchanged thereafter.  The Club always welcomes feedback, and will be carrying out a review of the lift lobbies for the remaining 3 matches this season with a view to implementing any changes based on our findings.

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Aidan Cosgrave

Match: Arsenal v Swansea

Published: 26/3/2014


Poorly trained (or completely dim) lift attendants continue to make the process of getting down to car park level at the end of a match an unnecessarily frustrating process for disabled supporters on Club level (level 1) - at least that's been my experience over the last three months in the southwest corner of the ground. After every match the lift car sails by 3, 4, 5 ... sometimes as many as 10 times without stopping. I can understand not stopping on the way down if the lift car is full, but please have the intelligence and manners to stop on the way back up!! Getting off Club level is routinely a 20-minute affair, often involving abandoning my father who is a wheelchair user while I have to hunt down a steward to radio through to the lift attendant to ask him/her to stop on our floor. To endure this at the end of every game spoils the enjoyment and shows a lack of respect for disabled supporters. 

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Match: Arsenal V Liverpool FA CUP 16/2/14

Published: 17/2/2014


First visit to the new stadium, as a wheelchair user.  First, arrangement of parking within the stadium a bonus, but read the instructions on times to get into the stadium.  Finding stadium was easy, and parking free. 


Once inside lifts are there to access upper floors and the stewards all pleasant and quite informative.  Once into the main concourse which can get a little hectic but this is nothing unusual, food is always expensive as are the drinks. 


Into the viewing area, spaces are good and although most fans stand this was not a problem as the view was uninterupted for a change, again the stewards had been excellent.  Radar key for toilets if you have not got one ask the nearest steward. 


Exiting the stadium is easy as well, but you are held back for the crowds to disperse, be prepared to have an extended journey time as the local roads are horrifically crowded and adds about an hour onto your journey getting back to the M1. 


That said the visit to the stadium was excellent, but they still do not give wheelchair supporters the correct numbers of wheelchair spaces for League games that they should.

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Colin Draper

Match: Hull City visting Supporter

Published: 8/7/2013


The view and parking at Arsenal is very good, the ramp up to Arsenals ground is a little on the steep side but once your up it's fine.  Arsenal also have accessible toilets at various places outside the stadium which is very good. 

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Andrew Paterson

Match: Horrible Stewards 15/06/12

Published: 15/6/2012


Attending this season's FA cup third round tie at the Emirates, I had a better experience parking at the ground than the season before as then they had parked the away support over a mile and a half away from the ground. This year on the way out of the ground, I called the lift and was met by a lift with a a couple of Arsenal supporters and a steward. I was told I would not be allowed into the lift due to rival support and that Arsenal fans had priority and that we would have to wait for all Arsenal fans to leave the stadium before I could get into the lift- Appaling!

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Ross Hovey

Match: Season Ticket Holder

Published: 6/3/2009


Following previous comments in the year I want to provide an update.


The DLo team has improved and is now expanded and far more organised.

The seating area has been raised with safety barriers which are of a suitable height. I also understand they maybe made higher again.


The only negative element is the misuse of the lifts. Every week one has to wait while quite obviously ignorant able bodied people use the lift over stairs. The stewards seem to have no "empowerment or courage" to explain the priority for disabled supporters.


Parking is also good at the stadium or in the streets around the ground.

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Gary Deards

Match: v. Reading - 2008

Published: 22/10/2008


View from away wheelchair platform

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Gary Deards

Match: v. Reading- 2008

Published: 22/10/2008


The view for disabled away fans in wheelchairs is excellent but not for the carer as they sit behind and the gap is used by stewards/police as a walkthrough.


Parking can be arranged under the stadium with access via lift. Access from outside the stadium is difficult with a long steep ramp.


Accessible toilets are satisfactory.


Catering is expensive and can get very crowded

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Mr D

Match: Arsenal v Hull

Published: 29/9/2008


Stewards very helpful and polite, ample parking although the ramp up to the stadium is a little on the steep side but not too bad.


The view for wheelchair supporters is very good but the carers would have to stand as they can not see from their padded seats behind the wheelchair users. Disabled toilets very near with a RADAR key needed although I presume the stewards will carry one with them. Even had toilets round the outside of the stadium.


If your going to buy a pie, take a straw as you will have to drink it, I got one and it looked as though it had just been defrosted and warmed up in a microwave, it was too soft to pick up but tasted ok.


All in all a very good stadium.

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Ross Hovey

Match: Season ticket holder 21/07/08

Published: 21/7/2008


Best Stadia in the Premier League for wheelchair users and makes Wembley look poor.

Sufficient lifts to hgher levels

Spacious Toilets

Helpful Stewarding

Good range of refreshments - they are pricey as another person commented, however price has nothing to do with being disabled.

The Disability team at Arsenal make lots of mistakes

The view from raised platform is obstructed during goals and set pieces. During purchase of season ticket it was said this would not happen.

The lifts get misused and the stewards don't actually challenge. Every game I encounter around 20 apparently able bodied people who use the lift and show no obvious guilt for not offering me to go ahead of them.

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