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Stadium Information


Cambs Glass Stadium


Newmarket Road

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Andy Beattie

Telephone no.

01223 566 500

Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


There is no DSA at present.



Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


Accessible parking available on the Corona car park off Newmarket Road next to the main entrance. Supporters are advised to pre-book disabled parking spaces which are on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Cambridge United Website

Spectator Viewing areas


There are 19 wheelchair user spaces available to home fans. There are 16 wheelchair user spaces available for away fans. Away fans are seated with their own supporters and there is a choice of elevated and pitchside spaces.


Amenity and easy access seating is offered on a match to match basis depending upon availability. There are 70 easy access and amenity seats in the stadium.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 81 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 43% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 46 wheelchair spaces. 

Accessible amenities


North /South and Main Stand accessible toilet facilities classed as reasonable size with good selection of left/right transfers. There are 4 accessible toilets in the stadium. Steward assistance available if required. North / Main Stand catering available at rear of concourse. South Stand facilities available at rear of stand. Low level counters at all kiosks.  

Accessible services & information


Blind and partially sighted supporters can take advantage of small individual hand-held receivers free to all supporters to listen to audio descriptive commentary of the game. The hand-held receivers are limited in number so Cambridge United strongly recommended that potential users reserve them in advance to avoid disappointment. For more details on the service or to reserve a receiver contact Nick Parker on 07929 589925 or The hand-held receivers enable users to listen to a specially-tailored commentary of the game wherever they happen to be within the Cambs Glass Stadium.


Updated December 2017.

Club Additional Information


Cambridge United away fans information sheet

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Match: 13/10/18

Published: 23/10/2018


I am a powerchair user and my husband is severely visually impaired.    This was our first ever visit as away fans to Cambridge United’s ground.   


Outside the Ground

We arrived at the Ground’s main entrance in a wheelchair accessible minibus that is part of our Club’s Official Away Travel.    This is situated on what appeared to be one of the main roads into Cambridge through a residential area (not dual carriageway).    Stewards initially told our driver he would have to off-load on the road.     He refused to do so.    Reluctantly they let him enter their small and very congested car park for the purposes of off-loading.    It all seemed very chaotic with no one knowing where we should go and no one assisting us.    Eventually a steward did escort the three wheelchair users round to the away end.    I have to say it was the longest journey we have ever had from bus to entrance in our visits to around 50 grounds.    It was turn left out of the main entrance, a short distance on a wide pavement, then I was asked to turn left over a cattle grid!    No my small front tyres would have got stuck.    The alternative was a gateway that my chair just fitted through.    There was a full sized gate alongside but this was locked and remained so on our return after the match, was this he access for emergency vehicles?     This took us to a flat, solid path (but with a bit of a canbar ) through what I can only describe as a meadow, at the end of which was a ramp that took you up to the entrance to the away end.    For any mobility impaired fan this is a seriously long walk with no seats to rest en route.  On a wet day if you could only walk slowly you would be soaked.    I understand there is no vehicle access/dropping off point (let alone parking) at the away end.    I know that one of my fellow fans found pushing their friend in a manual chair this distance difficult but no assistance was offered by any stewards as I have known at other grounds (people find it difficult to ask for help).     This journey is made more difficult by how congested this relatively narrow path is, being used by all the away fans and some home fans travelling in the opposite direction.    Finding cycles chained to the inside of the ramp (where there is a wheelchair painted on the floor) at the end of the game made it virtually impassable!   Access upon arriving at the away end is through a large gate to the right of the turnstyles.  This brings you into an enclosed area with a tea bar to the right and entrance to the viewing area in the top left corner.


Tickets for Away Wheelchair Users

When I went to my own Club to purchase a ticket, I was informed that they had not received any.    In a ‘phone call to Cambridge United, our Box Office Manager was informed away wheelchair users had to ring Cambridge United to purchase their tickets.    This I did and was told to collect it from the collection point prior to the game.    In the intervening time, I discovered I had been overcharged by £3.   When I collected my tickets from the portacabins on the left handside of the car park where we were unloaded, I explained this.   I was abruptly told that I had not been overcharged as there was a £3 admin charge on tickets purchased on the telephone.    My attempts to explain that this should not apply to away wheelchair fans who were not given any other way of purchasing their tickets were dismissed with the provision of an email address that I could use to complain if I was not happy!   I did email and on the Tuesday I received a ‘phone call from a very nice person who thanked me for my email, apologised, admitted unreservedly their practice was wrong, refunded my £3 and said in the future they would change their practice.   Hopefully other visiting wheelchair fans this season can confirm this has happened.


Viewing Areas

Away wheelchair fans are seated pitch level at the front of the away end stand behind the goal.     Although at the away end, it is impossible to see any of the away able-bodied fans during the match as they are above you and if you turn round all you can see is a wall.    That said, they all have to pass you to get to their seats, to get refreshments and go to the loos so we saw quite a lot of them when the game was not being played.   Otherwise it is a pretty good view, obscured for some by stewards standing along the edge of the pitch watching the away fans above us which we asked if they could move and were told no.    As the practice goal was situated in front of us, we vacated the area during the warm-up (being hit by a football is not good!).      I think there were spaces for 4 wheelchairs/scooters with let down PA seats in twos in between with a similar block further along.    My husband at 5ft 7 did find that he had to sit forward on his seat for his feet to touch the floor and chose instead to stand, which he was allowed to do.   The solution we came to for one wheelchair fan not being able to see was to swop places and I used the seat raiser on my chair so I could see and he too had an improved view.  Area was a generous width for everyone to pass easily.     It was a warm day so can’t say how wet you might if it rained get but I think there was pretty good cover.   The photos on LPF’s page for Cambridge United are not of the wheelchair spaces in the away stand.  


Headset Commentary

The last option under “Club” on Cambridge United’s website is “Audio Commentary”.   This gives all the details of this Service available at Cambridge United for visually impaired fans.    When I rang for the tickets I tried to book a headset as advised on this page and was told no problem, just “pick up a headset from the caravan when you arrive”.     When we arrived, my husband found the small white trailer on the left of the car park, he was told the headsets had not yet arrived but not to worry, one would be brought to him and sure enough the commentators appeared in front of him with a Soccer Sight headset and spare batteries.     This service is run by fans at Cambridge United and when my husband handed his headset back to them at the end of the match he told them that they had provided one of the best commentaries he had ever had; helpful and unbiased.      Wonderful fans doing a brilliant job, making live football so much more accessible to visually impaired home and away fans at Cambridge United.


Accessible Toilet

Door in the back of the stand, which you reach via the corner near the refreshments.   Radar key required.     Steward watched me struggle with the door without offering to help.   Good sized and clean.    Very small sink.   I could not find any hot water and got showered by the force of the cold!   Very powerful hand drier.   



Sold from a mobile catering van with no lowered counter.     Reasonably priced with good selection including chips.    Long queues for a crowd of around 1000.    If you wanted to pay by card the minimum transaction was £5 and the system only works if the Supervisor has not locked his phone!


After the match

Found our driver outside the main entrance.     He had been refused entry to the car park to load us and due to the volume of traffic was stuck half on, half off the pavement making it impossible to operate the wheelchair lift and the vehicle in front of him refusing to move forward so he could drive further onto the pavement (the pavement is wide enough to do so with still lots of room for pedestrians).    As we could not find any stewards, we involved some passing police officers, at which point the vehicle in front moved and we could board our minibus.     Very heavy queuing traffic in both directions outside the stadium but the wait did not seem excessive compared to many other places.    



We would happily go again, by no means the worst we have experienced.    A second visit is always easier as you have learnt the lay-out.

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Ross Hovey

Match: Cambridge United Vs Liverpool "11" Pre Season

Published: 3/3/2011


Lots of local good street free parking with dropped kerbs etc... I think there is also disabled entry at ground.

Covered area at one end of stadium to right of goal with no sightline problems. Close to kiosk for refreshments. Didn't use toilets. Overall very good for non-league football stadia.

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Gary Deards

Match: 2007/08 season

Published: 22/10/2007


view from wheelchair platform

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Gary Deards

Match: 2007/08 season

Published: 22/10/2007


Wheelchair area

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