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Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Allison McNeil

Telephone no.

02392 778 559

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Disabled Supporters Association


Sam Piggott




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Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


There is a club car park with up to 200 accessible parking spaces for home and away supporters. Drop off facilities are not available.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Portsmouth see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Portsmouth Website

Spectator Viewing areas


Home supporters have 56 spaces for wheelchair users available to them, and these can be found at pitchside in the Fratton End.

5 spaces for wheelchair users can be found at pitchside in the home section (Fratton End) for away supporters. Non disabled away supporters sit oposite in the Milton End. If the visiting club do not sell their 5 allocated tickets, they are allocated to home supporters.

NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 150 wheelchair spaces (128 home and up to 22 away). 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 41% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 89 wheelchair spaces. They should be working on a plan to rectify this deficit within a reasonable timeframe under the auspices of a full independent Access Audit.

Accessible amenities


Both home and away fans can use the 3 accessible toilets inside the stadium located at either end and in the centre of the stand.

There is no club shop at present. Catering kiosks in the home and away sections do not have low level serving counters and so are not fully accessible.

Accessible services & information


The club does not have a hearing loop. Match commentaries are not available, the club advises fans of local radio commentary for the game. Facilities for assistance dogs are available on request. The concourses do not have rest areas included.


Updated August 2014.

Club Additional Information


Portsmouth FC have provided the control room reporting text line to visiting supporters so that they can alert the control room direct if they find themselves in a vulnerable situation. This will enable staff on the ground to be alerted to the situation without the complainant drawing attention to themselves by going to a steward.  The control room number is 07500 778 844. 

DSA Additional Information


Poncho protection for disabled supporters. Read more here

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Sheila Quinn

Match: Portsmouth v York City 22/03/2014

Published: 25/3/2014


We bought our tickets from York in advance,


We parked in the car park, no charge as we had an adapted car with a wheelchair, and the car park steward found us a suitable place with crossed yellow lines behind us.


As this match was a long way to travel we stayed at a premier Inn.


Arriving at the ground we had a cup of tea & a burger & bacon butty at a van outside the ground.


Stewards werent sure where we had to go,  after speaking to 4 of them we finally found out that we had to go down a very narrow alleyway to the disabled section.


We never found the club shop but there were plenty of programme sellers.


Entering the ground, the stewards were very helpful & told us where the teabar & accessible toilets were, although the toilets were mainly used by the stewards.


The teabar sold prepacked hot drinks so we didnt bother & they had sold out of pies & sausage rolls by 2.45. But it was accessible with friendly staff.


Although we were infront of the home fans,in the right hand corner, we found them friendly and many talked to us or shook our hands.


There wasn't enough space between the seats for wheelchairs to fit, but as there were only three wheelchairs from York, it didnt matter.


The crowd did get rather nasty and shout abuse at a couple of our players who were badly injured with crutiate ligament damage, but  at no time we had abuse shouted at us either before , during & after the game, even though we won.

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Portsmouth Response

Match: Portsmouth v Mansfield

Published: 6/2/2014


It is so frustrating to hear that some of our supporters behave in this way. I have gone over the match log and there is nothing reported into the club or in the debrief. However, I can assure you that during the game there are stewards, a team of five response and St John staff in this particular area. I will reinforce in the next briefing that vigilance is essential especially around this area.


Perhaps if we provide the control room reporting text line to visiting supporters they can alert control direct if they find themselves in a vulnerable situation. This will allow us to alert the staff on the ground without the complainant drawing attention to themselves  by going to a steward.  The control number is 07500 778844.

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joe bennett

Match: Mansfield

Published: 29/1/2014


I did not enjoy my experience.


I found the Pompey fans behind me were verbally abusive towards the disabled supporters.


A couple of teenagers seemed very brave knowing  I could not stand up and let me understand what they would do to me given a chance. I yawned which really incited there passion.


There were also a couple of ladies who seemed to want a contest on who could appear the more legless. Despite my advantage, they won.


The stewards were ok.

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Janet Ireland

Match: Portsmouth v Sheffield United

Published: 25/4/2013


By far the worst ground for wheelchair users I have ever been to.  Sat in front of Portsmouth fans who shouted abuse. Told not to go for our own refreshments, and not to jump up or shout if we scored as this would intimidate them. Only one disabled toilet between 50 supporters so some missed the start of the second half. It needs more than one steward to look after visiting disabled as they do not feel safe. It is time Portsmouth put disabled first and put a disabled toilet at the away end along with a wheelchair platform.  On a plus side we were allowed to park our wheelchair accessible coach in the car park near to the disabled entrance.  We shall not be going again. !!!!

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Keith Hall

Match: Portsmouth v Sheffield United 20/04/13

Published: 24/4/2013


What a awful ground to visit for away disabled supporters? Limited number of wheelchair spaces so some of our supporters had to transfer to "normal" seats. We were sat in front of a very hostile crowd and were subject to quite a lot of verbal abuse. At least 3 of our group left the ground at half time and sat on our coach. We were advised by the stewards not to turn round as things could get quite nasty, also not to go to the concession stands as this was not safe.  I have been to 80+ ground as a disabled supporter and this was the most intimidating one yet. It will be a long time before we will be visiting Fratton Park again. 

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Match: 26/02/13

Published: 3/3/2013


This was our first visit as away wheelchair fans to Fratton Park.  We were pleased to be going to such an historically significant ground but we made the trip with some trepidation having read the earlier reviews on LPF.   The fact that unlike the many other football clubs' web sites that I visit before matches, I could find nothing on the Portsmouth FC web site about the Club’s provisions for disabled fans seemed to reinforce the impression we had that Fratton Park was not a good place for away wheelchair fans to visit.   Thankfully our experiences weren’t as bad as other reviewers have reported.


We attended a night match and were glad I wasn’t driving as the roads from the motorway to the ground were very congested with it seemed lots of turnings.  Our club’s official travel wheelchair accessible mini-bus was allowed onto the small car park at Fratton Park to drop us off and collect us at the end.   We were also allowed to stay in the bus until the ground opened, which on a cold night we were grateful for.   There was a snack van on the car park (with tables and chairs!) & other fast food outlets nearby.   As soon as the stewards saw us coming across the car park, trying to find our way, they waved us towards them and gave us a very friendly welcome.   They immediately told us they were there to ensure we had no problems in the home stand (which did add further to our sense of trepidation).


Our places (Seat 49) were at pitch level behind the goal in the main home stand at the opposite end to where we entered the stand.   It wasn’t raining whilst we were there but if it does rain, we would imagine you would need good waterproofs.   As we were amongst the first in the stand there were no difficulties getting across the front of the stand.  We were just sorting ourselves out and commenting to the steward that it was nice to see high nets in front of us to protect us during the warm up when, without us seeing it, a ball came over the top of the nets, hit my husband in the chest with force and winded him, bringing on his epilepsy.    Whilst we would hope you don’t have a need for the medical staff, we have nothing but praise for them, they were excellent and being at that corner of the ground you are nearest to the medical room!   The goalkeeping staff from Portsmouth were all very concerned for my husband’s welfare and apologetic.   The lesson from this is don’t rely on the nets and don’t take up your places until after the players have finished their warm up.


The steward that was closest to us advised that he was happy to go for drinks and food for us if we wished him to and that there was no problem in us celebrating when our team scored but we should avoid turning round and winding up the home fans as this had caused problems when it had occurred on some occasions recently.   We never had no intentions of doing this.  We experienced no personal abuse from the home fans, in fact quite the reverse, numerous of them came talking to us before and after the game and were all friendly.   During the game there were passionate exchanges between the home and away fans which we enjoyed listening to, the loyalty of the Pompey fans at a difficult time for their Club was something we very much admired.   We would have enjoyed our visit more had we been with our own club’s fans, who we could barely see at the other end of the pitch.  We were therefore very grateful that we were with another two of our club’s fans as just the two of us with thousands of home fans would have felt very lonely. 


We had a good view of the pitch and during the game we had no problem with Club officials walking in front of us.   My husband (having recovered) was allowed to stand through the game at the side of my chair (something he welcomed).    At half time I went in search of an accessible loo, which ironically was located in the nearby medical centre that we had already found.   There is only one accessible loo, so there was a queue at half time but not an unreasonable one.   The fact it is in the medical centre means that it is heated.   It was clean with hot water, hand soap etc and had a good space for turning.   The congestion was actually the limited space in the medical centre, to open the toilet door whilst others were queuing to get in.  


Our friendly steward, without obscuring our view, just prior to the end of the game, told us that exit gates would be open at our end so we would not need to go back across the stand.   Whilst this was really helpful, leaving by a different gate, in the dark, in a large crowd, meant we could not find our way back to the car park and ended up walking off in the wrong direction.   Thankfully, when we realised and asked for help we were sent in the right direction.   We should have gone to the left not straight-on as we came out of the ground.


The failure to accommodate visiting away fans at the away end, together with the failure to provide headset commentaries for visually impaired fans are huge shortcomings which we would not expect to see at a club which has recently been in the Premiership.   Were it not for thinking that Portsmouth FC had bigger problems to contend with at this time, I would be writing direct to them to complain.   Having visited Fratton Park, these limitations aside, I would be keen that other away wheelchair fans should not be put off visiting as we nearly were by the content of some of the earlier reviews.    We enjoyed our evening (apart from his ball encounter!) and would happily visit again.  

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Audrey Wyatt

Match: QPR Match 04/03/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


I am an ambulant supporter. There are too many steps for persons with walking disabilities. I asked the box office for a seat with few steps to walk, I was given x row away end and I still had loads to walk up to.

I also could not see, the supporters were standing up the full 90 mins. I cannot stand up, security saw this and moved me to the front row, but it was loads more steps to walk down to, but I saw the game.

I think portsmouth can do better for the ambulant person there must be seats in the ground with no steps to climb.

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Gary Deards

Match: Portsmouth v Reading 16/08/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


Absolutely awful ground to visit as a disabled away fan. Wheelchair users sit in front of main home areas with home disabled fans too. Not enough room for PA to sit on their allocated seat behind you. Stewards/Press in sightline. Cannot see far touchline/goals as sitting below pitch level. Very few tickets available for away disabled supporters. Car parking was limited. No indepndent access to refreshment areas. As bad as QPR for numbers and associated facilities. 1 out of 10 (only gave it 1 because of a beautiful sunset!).

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Andrew Hamshare

Match: Visiting Wheelchair position not good... 27/09/12

Published: 26/10/2012


I feel that Portsmouth FC need to revise their seating arrangements for visiting wheelchair users; Directly in front of the main home supporters stand could make for quite an uncomfortable, intimidating experience. Hoping to attend the Saints v Pompey game in December should be quite an experience.

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Barbara Merrell

Match: Vice chairperson LCFC DSA 07/12/2011

Published: 26/10/2012


Attending the ground, as an away fan from Leicester City FC continues to be the most dreadful experience. The stewards feel it is not offensive to have F... Off Leicester shouted at you for most of the game, the sight lines for whelchair users is so restricted, tickets ought to be given to the away wheelchair users. 3 women, Pompey supporters apparently, sit directly behind the wheelchair users and they are adament they will not move, even though their was plenty of seating for them to go into. One did, shortly after the game started, but only to suit herself, not the disabled supporters. It was a Pompey fan who required a better view of the pitch not a LCFC supporter. On discussing the issues with steward number 120 he agreed access could be provided at the away end, via a piece of metal fencing being removed. Unfortunately, this would then mean a walk round to toilet facilities. They have obviously not been to LEEDS in recent times. You can only access their toilets at half time, and have to be escorted around the length and breadth of the pitch. Come on, Portsmouth, do the right thing and make way for the disabled supporter with their fans. Sitting with your Pompey supporters was vile, you are right in the middle of it and there is no let up of foul abuse. I think it is time all other clubs joined together to complain about this dreadful situation, how about it?

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