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Stadium Information


Liberty Stadium


Liberty Stadium

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Andrew Williams

Telephone no.


Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


Cath Dyer


07547 678 896


swanseadsa@outlook.com; secswandsa@gmail.com;

Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


There are a number of ways to get to the Liberty Stadium:

There are two useful information videos available on getting to the stadium:

Home Supporters: Here 
Away Supporters: Here


By train:

The nearest railways station is Swansea Railway Station at High Street Swansea, 1.5 miles away.


By bus:

Regular buses (every 30 minutes) head from the railway station to the Liberty Stadium services 4 / 4a

Parking: Accessible spaces are available in the North and West Car Parks on a seasonal basis.
Accessible Parking may be available on a match to match basis – Contact the Stadium Management Company on: 01792 616402


Please click here for travel information. 


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Swansea City see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


How to Book: Through Swansea City AFC website 

Ticket Prices: £17.50 & £35 / £22.50 & £45

Ticket Office Location: South West corner of Stadium at LG Stand

Entrance Staffed: On Matchdays only 

Door Width: 950mm Non-slip floor: Yes
Low Counters: Yes
Other Info: Loop system in place, Dropped Kerbs (exterior): Disabled ramp provided.


For further information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Swansea Website

Spectator Viewing areas


There are currently 138 spaces for home supporters and 15 spaces for away supporters. Spaces are located around the stadium. Access is via lift to elevated positions offering excellent viewing sightlines throughout.


Learning disabled supporters can normally be accommodated in any part of the stadium in general seating areas. However, if for whatever reason any such supporter feels that ordinary seating would be unsuitable for them, they will be entitled to sit in the disabled concessionary areas and receive the appropriate concession. Tickets should be arranged in advance through the clubs ticket office.


Home Supporters

West Stand: (Swansea University Stand)
Turnstile No(s): 1-10
Location: Pitch Side, Lower, Mezzanine Level and Upper

Power-chair charging point: Available upon request in NW corner

South Stand: (LG Stand)
Turnstile No(s): 11-18
Location: Pitch Side, Lower, Mezzanine Level and Upper 

East Stand: (Eteach Stand)
Turnstile No(s): 19-30
Location: Pitch Side, Lower, Mezzanine Level and Upper

Away Supporters


North Stand: (Visit Wales Stand / Croeso Stand) 

Turnstile No(s): 31-38
Location: Pitch Side, Lower, Mezzanine Level and Upper
Wheelchair user spaces: 15 
Power-chair charging point: Available upon request in NW corner


PA / Companion seats are located to the side of each wheelchair user space. Lift access in all stands to elevated wheelchair user seating areas. Level access with no gradients in stadium concourse areas.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 153 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore meets the current minimum guidance. 


Accessible amenities


Accessible Toilets located in all stands on mezzanine level and ground floor concourse level. Approximately 10-15 metres on mezzanine, 30 metres as a max for those pitchside. These are fitted with RADAR locks and all stewards have a key.

Door Width: 950mm Door Threshold: All level – no threshold
Transfer: Adequate room with drop bars to assist
Support Rails: Contained within the toilets
Non-slip flooring: Yes Alarm: Yes


Catering facilities are on concourse at ground level and located near to the wheelchair user areas. There are low level counters and the club have advised stewards to assist with wheelchair users when required.

Accessible services & information


Assistance Dogs

Dogs Permitted: Yes Locations: Mezzanine levels
Dog Spending Area: Yes Locations: Agreed on location of seats
Booking Process: Contact clubs direct or through the Ticket Office.

Audio Commentary


Available: Yes Locations: Available throughout 

Headset Pick-Up: At Ticket Office or request through stewards and will be brought to seat
Opening Time: Turnstiles opening
Booking Process: Contact Club or Ticket Office in advance. Usually able to accommodate on same-day requests


Swansea City Club Website - Disabled Supporters Information


Updated November 2017

Club Additional Information


The club recognises that disabled people have families who may wish to attend matches as a family unit. The club will try and accommodate such requests although this may not always be possible. Please contact the ticket office for assistance in obtaining tickets as close as possible to the designated areas.

DSA Additional Information


Updated 24th May 2018

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Steven Powell

Match: Swansea City v Arsenal, Saturday 14/1/17

Published: 15/1/2017


As others have mentioned above the view from the Liberty Stadium's elevated weelchair platform for away fans is first class - top of the range. The club and Swansea Council (which developed and owns the ground) are to be congratulated on this. The stewards and police are friendly and helpful.


Top of the improvement agenda from my narrow perspective as a wheelchair user would be the one space wheelchair lift between first and ground floors. This causes a post-match traffic jam that can take 45 minutes to clear. Factor this in to your post-match travel plans.


Secondly the buses for away supporters back to the railway station post match have wheelchair ramps but aren't parked on a curb. This makes the angle of the ramp far too steep to safely board in a wheelchair. Fortunately I can walk a few steps so - with the help of the courteous, friendly and helplful bus driver - I boarded followed by my powered chair. This issue can I'm sure be addressed without too much difficulty. There was no problem alighting at Swansea railway station. Bus passes are accepted on this service. The cash fare one way is £1.50 currently.


Lastly a tip on bus travel. If you have a disabled or older person's bus pass issued by an English local authority remember that this isn't valid in Wales. If you're travelling to Swansea by train and have a Disabled Person's Railcard you can "bolt on" a PLUSBUS all-day bus pass either when buying your rail ticket or at your departure or Swansea station on arrival. In the latter case you need to show your Railcard and rail tickets. This currently costs £1.65 a day.

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Darren phelps

Match: Chelsea

Published: 15/9/2016


Good morning 
I know you may not be the person to send this to but would be grateful if you could pass it on to the relevant person.
First off I would like to thank you personally for arranging our parking ... it was perfect and the gentlemen put us in a perfect spot and was very helpful and polite.
Secondly I would like to say what a wonderful football club you have , as you know my son  is in a wheelchair and your club could not of been any more helpful , the stewards, club store staff and even the police were all very welcoming and went the extra bit to make our day special.... we follow Chelsea all over the country and I have to say Swansea city AFC are by a country mile the best club we have been to for access , toilets and helpful staff for disabled people.
My son enjoyed it that much we brought him a Swansea top from the club shop and he wants to come again but to support Swansea instead of Chelsea  ( would normally be cursing around me :) ) and I have to say I will definitely be bringing him down again this time to support Swansea not Chelsea.... your football club now has a place in by boys heart and you are now his "2nd" team.
Again as his dad I just want to say thank you for making yesterday a wonderfull experience for us both and you should all be proud of how your club and fans who were also excellent we hope to see you all again very soon.
Darren phelps
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Rob Trent - Access Advisr

Match: Swansea v Bournemouth

Published: 23/11/2015


Review reproduced with permission from Access Advisr




My first visit to the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. We had arranged to park in the stadium car park for the very reasonable cost of a tenner. On arrival at the ground the stewards were very helpful, directing us to the right place in a very polite manner.

The short distance from the car park to the ground was very easy and fairly level. Given the terrible events in Paris just over a week before this game we were frisked by stewards, and our bags were checked. Understandable in the current climate. Again the stewards were polite.

Inside the ground the concourse was fairly spacious and a chance to get warm again! To get to the viewing position we went in a lift operated by the stewards. The accessible loos were on the floor where we watched the game.

The photos will show what a good view we had, and there were plenty of spaces for away fans in wheelchairs and their travelling companions to watch the game.

Throughout the game the stewards were always friendly and keen to have a laugh. This will be one of the better days out this season I reckon.

Swansea have got their facilities spot on. Well done!

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Amy Wilson

Match: Swansea v Everton

Published: 22/9/2015


Quite simply the best matchday experience for the disabled supporters in the Premier League for me. I have had no problems or difficulties on my previous visits to the Liberty Stadium and Saturday was no different. The view from the disabled bays in row J are totally unobstructed. Clear sightlines of all parts of the pitch. No obstructions blocking the view in front even if fans stand up. The disabled supporters are in the away end, right in the middle of the away end in fact, so you feel a part of everything and are able to meet up with your friends and family. The stewards as always are friendly and helpful but not in way patronising like at some clubs. Access around the concourse prior to the kick off was easy, I was even able to buy my own alcoholic drink from a low level counter, this is something that I cannot do at my own ground. Even at half time when it was much busier on the concourse than prior to the game, I could still manage to get downstairs to meet up with friends without feeling unsafe.


The most important and essential parts for me going to any away game is that I can see the game clearly and I am with the rest away supporters and have the opportunity to see my friends who are the game as well, you can do all this easily at Swansea. A lot of clubs could learn from Swansea and their inclusive matchday experience for disabled supporters.

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Sheila Quinn

Match: Swansea v York City

Published: 2/9/2015


This was our first visit to the Liberty Stadium.

I ordered our tickets direct from Swansea over the phone, these were received in the post the following day. I also asked to reserve a wheelchair parking space, this was £10

We were staying in Swansea overnight so got a taxi to the stadium but he wasn't allowed to enter the grounds before a match and for an hour afterwards.

I didn't see a club shop, but bought a program outside the ground.

Entering the ground we had a slight problem as Swansea ticket office had sent us tickets for the home end, but the stewards were very nice and let us in with the York supporters.

The refreshments were inside the concourse but were very expensive and the food was horrible & went in the bin.

The viewing area was accessible by a lift and there was plenty of room for wheelchairs on a raised platform halfway up the stand, Excellent view.  The lift only held one wheelchair & a carer & was operated by a steward. No problem for us as there were only two wheelchairs from York, but could be a slow exit if there were a lot of wheelchairs.

Very well trained & friendly stewards so no problems.

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Michael and Brian McCarthy

Match: Everton 11/04/2015

Published: 14/4/2015


Everything about our trip to Swansea couldn't have been better, from getting off the train to arriving back at the station afterwards everything was spot on. Extremely helpful & pleasant stewards & policemen at the ground, After showing our ticket to a steward inside the ground, we were asked if we'd prefer to move to a more accessible seat to make things easier for us. Michael used his own DAB radio for the commentary on the game, but on a previous visit to the Liberty Stadium, Michael used the audio provided by the club and had no issues with this. Swansea has replaced Arsenal as our number one away ground to visit.

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Amy Wilson

Match: Swansea v Everton

Published: 13/4/2015


Swansea is up there as one of my favourite away trips of the season. Been 4 times now and never had any problems there at all. The coach park is practically right outside the away end so hardly any distance to push to gain access to the ground. This is definitely one game I would go to on my own if I couldn't get a friend or relative to come with me. The stewards are so helpful and friendly, they take you to the disabled entrance, show you where the lifts are but don't rush you into going straight up so you can stay on the concourse level to get food/drink and meet up with the rest of the away supporters. The concourse is really spacious too, so you don't feel like you need to sit out of the way to avoiding being in other fans way. Once you get out of the lift, stewards show where the disabled toilet is located and inform you they have RADAR keys if you don't have yours with you. They then take you to your seat. The view from Row J is no less than brilliant. Fans are in front of you but when they stand up it doesn't impact on the disabled supporters view at all. The sight lines of both ends of the pitch are clear and unobstructed all game. The only slight issue we had on out last visit was that there was only one lift working, so it caused a bit of a queue with all the disabled supporters waiting to exit via the one lift, not a major problem in the grand scheme of things though.


Another great thing about the Liberty stadium is that we get a good allocation of disabled area tickets meaning more of our fans can go here and experience the excellent facilities. I know the Liberty is a relatively new stadium, but it is so well designed for disabled supporters and the people at the club are so helpful, all clubs could learn a lot from Swansea when it comes to the disabled supporters matchday experience.

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Match: Swansea V Liverpool 16th March

Published: 25/3/2015


Well another vivit to this one of the few stadiums that has been given a lot of thought for disabled fans, as a wheelchair user it ticks all the boxes as I have said in my others posts.  Interesting post from Mr. James with regards to the lifts, on this occasion there was a steward who attended the lift in the away end with us both going up and down, only one gripe the disabled toilet engaged sign on the door stays on closed/engaged so do not wauit pull the door and see if it is locked.  Otherwise another good visit.

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Published: 17/9/2013


Having read previous comments I would like to comment with regards home supporters.


Every home game is not a pleasant experience with regards the stewards or lack of them.


According to the stadium Disability statement there  are "Stewards on the upper and lower level to assist with the lift", I would challenge anyone to find a Steward at either lift door and it has been like that since stadium opened.


Also at the end of every game we get supporters gathering behind us and you can smell the cigarettes smoke, if there were "Stewards" available they would also smell it.


Worst of all is the fight to get from your wheelchair space to the lift because everyone is heading for the stair case and we have to try and get through to the other side.Strangely by magic all the Stewards dissappear.

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J Fountain

Match: Swansea City V Burnley FC 20/09/2008

Published: 26/10/2012


This is a First class facillity for Disabled away fans.

Firstly by contacting the Liberty stadium you may be able to get a parking pass as they reserve 5 disabled parking places for away supporters. (you will need to show your blue badge to collect parking pass) Away fans are situated in the north stand, Wheelchair / crutches/walking frame access is available via a large doorway,

Don`t wory about finding it the stewards/marshals will approach you and offer to help you in. once you are in there are plenty of refreshments available and easily accessable. There is a lift positioned next to the stairs to take you to the upper tier, on exiting the lift you will notice the disabled toilet, this is a disabled only toilet in pristine condition access is via radar key or the marshal will open up for you also.

The view from the disabled seating areas is fantastic and only a matter of yards from the lift/toilet and marshals. A real disabled friendly ground, very impressed. A Burnley fan. PS there`s no hurry to get to the car park after the game because they don`t allow cars to leave until pedestrians have cleared the stadium, approx 10-15mins wait.

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Audrey Wyatt

Match: QPR Match 21/11/2010

Published: 26/10/2012


First class facillity for the away ambulant persons, well done swans

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Match: Swansea v Liverpool 13/05/2012

Published: 26/10/2012


Good things come in small packages. This stadium is one of the up and coming new built stadiums. It may be small by comparison to many others but it far exceeds those in relation to disability facilities. Access to parking facilities for disabled supporters is excellent, level and adjacent to entrance for disabled supporters. Stewards are in abundance and pride themselves in contacting not just disabled supporters but all supporters. Inside the stadium the eateries are below stands so access in crowded areas is not a problem, two, one wheelchair lifts service the access to the upper floor,which proves the point you do not have to spend millions for disabled access as many stadium managers seem to think. The wheelchair viewing galleries are excellent and have plenty of room. A lot of thought has been put into disabled facilities and it has paid off. Disabled visitors are visited by the stadiums Disability Liaison Officer and asked for and good or bad comments which is helpful. They have plans to extend the stadium in future and if this happens it will enhance this stadium even further. All in all 9 out of 10 for this stadium and thank you for a pleasant visit to all Swans Fans who we spoke to. Well done Swansea.

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