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Vicarage Road Stadium
Vicarage Road
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Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Jo Simonds

Telephone no.

01923 223023

Disabled Supporters Association


Phillip Linnegar


01707 324582



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Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


There is a club car park with 23 accessible parking spaces for home and away supporters available on a seasonal basis or first come first served basis. Away supporters must reserve with Jo Simonds. Drop of facilities are available.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Watford see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Watford website.

Spectator Viewing areas


Home supporters have 46 spaces for wheelchair users available to them, and these can be found at pitchside and on raised platforms around the ground. 8 spaces for wheelchair users can be found on a raised platform in the away section for away supporters. Supporters with ambulant disabilities can sit to suit specific requirements.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 153 wheelchair spaces (130 home and up to 23 away). 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 35% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 99 wheelchair spaces. They should be working on a plan to rectify this deficit within a reasonable timeframe under the auspices of a full independent Access Audit.

Accessible amenities


Both home and away fans can use the 8 accessible toilets inside the stadium, located near the accessible seating areas. The club shop is accessible for all fans and does have a low level serving counter. Catering kiosks in the home sections only do have low level serving counters and so are fully accessible.

Accessible services & information


The club does have a hearing loop bin the ticket office. Soccer Sight match commentaries by the local hospital radio are available request via the DLO at the club, headsets will be delivered and collected by stewards. Facilities for assistance dogs are available via request to the DLO at the club. The concourses do not have rest areas included.


Updated October 2013.

Club Additional Information


Watford FC also provides Wheelchair facilities on the official coach travel to away games

DSA Additional Information


Enables Disabled Supporter Group- Enables is the supporter group for people with disabilities at Watford Football Club. 
WFC Enables was established in March 2007 by a group of enthusiastic Watford supporters and Watford FC staff to provide a voice for disabled supporters.
The group provides a platform for regular dialogue with the Club relating to the stadium development and the improvements to facilities for the disabled and also creates a social forum for supporters to enjoy meeting and talking about what drives them on - Watford FC!

Membership of WFC Enables is free.

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Anthony Joy

Match: Watford vs Arsenal, 17/10/15

Published: 25/10/2015


The notion of having a "2nd team" is rubbish, but Having moved to just outside Watford some 12 years ago, I have to confess that I do follow their results and their promotion to the premier league brought a trip back to Vicarage Road for the first time in 8 years.


Any disabled away fan at the Vic will be familiar with the tiny little hut, raised up in the corner.  Well the extensive refurb of the stadium has seen that hut demolished (not before time), and while Watford rebuild a wheelchair platform there is a temporary arrangement to place wheelchairs (x5) at pitch side, behind the corner flag between the Vicarage Road and Sir Elton John stands. The view is good, and you are right next to your fans. The tickets are only ¬£5 each. The downside is your companions have no where to sit, you're open to the elements, and to access the stadium you need to enter via the Watford end and be escorted along the touchline to the area.


Due to some unheard of Premier League rule that says you cannot cross the tunnel area 30mins before kick off Watford asked us to enter at 1630 ( for a 1730 ko). Seemed harsh to us.


Toilets were at the other end of the ground, in with the Watford fans. Watford did offer a waiter service at halftime for hot drinks.  Apparently to obtain a beer you could access the SEJ stand.


When you arrive at Vicarage Road, look for the Roadies in the green top who will escort you to the entrance through the crowds. They were a great help.

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Match: Watford v Charlton

Published: 26/9/2013


Attended match as an away supporter on September 14th but ended up missing the first minute due to the fact that we got there and the police were a little bit busy  because of the crowds.  But to be fair to them they did let us in when all the traffic had dispersed. 


I didn't mind as I went with a friend of mine who is a home supporter anyway. Their ground is ok,  it is decent.  


The only thing I would say in their defence is in some of the disabled section in the away end they have a restrictred view but that is no fault of the club. Very decent home supporters and I wouldn't hesitate asking Charlton if I could go again.


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Ray Parry and Barbara Merrell

Match: versus Leicester City 10/02/2010

Published: 26/10/2012


We only found out their was 6 away spaces available to away fans in the Rookery Lane end after we complained to the steward that we could only see one third of the pitch as we took up our allocated space (no:10) in the Vicarage Road end wheelchair access area on our arrival at the ground.

The wheelchair spaces are marked out and the first 8 are allocated to the Watford disabled season tickets fans. Spaces 8 to 16 are allocated to the disabled away fans. Unfortunately the view is severely restricted from space 8 onwards. The goal on your right is not in your sight line the same for the corner flag at the far end to my left.

The Watford fans explained they did not like to sit in the new Rookery Lane end as the overview at pitch level was not as good as the elevated one at Vicarage Road end.

We have been travelling away fans with the LCFC for some 15 years and this was the most disappointing trip we have made to Vicarage Road ground.

I was asked to pay £27 for the ticket, my carer is free, but is not allocated a seat and is expected to sit at the back of the accessible area, where they would have not been able to see any of the match. I am asked to pay the same price as any other adult paying away fan, who would have been able to see the whole playing surface as it stretched out in front of them. If I had stayed in my allocated space, number 10, I would only have been able to view one third of the pitch.

I am now aware of the other allocated spaces and will be asking for one of these in the future. Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to sit with the other travelling LCFC fans, but as my priority is to watch the team perform I will have to sacrifice my pleasure in being part of the away travel contingency.

I would also like to say the female steward on duty on the day, was absolutely fantastic. She deserved a medal for listening to all of our moans in regard to the view we were all expected to suffer (or not have). The Watford disabled members who fetched our drinks at half time, also listened to our complaints with empathy.

This has been an issue for some years now and we are aware of the on-going development of the Vicarage Road ground, but, please as it is now 2011, try and do something to end this discrimination towards all wheelchair users / chronically ill / ambulant fans. We should be able to have a reasonable view of the game as it is played, whether we win 3 - 2 or lose 3 - 2.

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Gary Deards

Match: Watford v Reading 20/11/2010

Published: 26/10/2012


Agree totally with previous comments - try and avoid getting a seat nubers 10+ as you'll only see 2/3rds of the game

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