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Bradford City

League 2
Northern Commercials Stadium
Capacity: 25,136
The Utilita Energy Stadium
Valley Parade
West Yorkshire

Disabled supporters contact

Club or stadium contact
 for disabled fans

Marco Townson
Disability Liaison Officer

01274 773355

Accessible ticket contact

Marco Townson

01274 773355

Disabled supporters association

Gemma Fletcher

07500 335 143

Accessibility information

Number of wheelchair user spaces


Number of easy access and amenity seats


Number of accessible toilets


Audio commentary

Yes – by request

Sensory room

Bradford City do not currently have a Sensory room available.

Accessible services + information

Assistance dogs

There are not currently any relieving stations provided for assistance


Hearing loops

There is no hearing loop in the ticket office.

Club shop

Bradford City do not currently have low level serving counters in the club shop.

Club hospitality

Bradford City do have spaces in hospitality and VIP areas for wheelchair users.

Braille and large print provision

Club do not currently provide any disabled supporters information i.e. booklet with a map of accessible facilities in accessible formats (large print, easy read).

Food concession stands

There are not currently accessible catering facilities i.e. low level serving counters at kiosks, available.

Total number of parking spaces

Provisions are put in place around the stadium, there are now 4 permanent disabled bays on Valley Parade. Additional disabled parking is available on Midland Road (Inside the road closure) a valid Blue Badge must be displayed and restriction on speed limited to 5 MPH with hazard lights on while moving.

How we set targets

We use accepted industry standards to set the club targets. The reference documents include: Accessible Stadia Guide 2003 and Accessible Stadia Supplementary Guidance 2015; Building Regulations Approved Document M, Access to and Use of Buildings; BS 8300, Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people; Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide); Access for All, UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience

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Let us know about your matchday experience at Bradford City to help improve access and inclusion.

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Updated December 2021

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  • Kate Howard, who attended Tranmere rovers
    1 month ago

    I was taken up in the lift which I was very greatfull for, I couldn’t find the disabled toilets found it hard in a single cubicle. Fortunately I was seated in row D however the row below me was a very tight fit for a disabled supporter to get in to, second half we had 15 support officers on the pitch side which I felt was a tad over doing it. I couldn’t get on to the pitch if I wanted to or other fans, we had 13 police officers at the goal end of the pitch which once again I felt a bit over the top, I didn’t see any of this in the home end!! I felt we where put in the category of hooligans I think we handled ourselves remarkable restrained as supporters the foot was awful cold and tasteless not sure if I would vist again.

  • J&J, who attended 08/02/15
    7 years ago

    This was our second visit in successive seasons to the Coral Windows Stadium. On both occasions we travelled in a wheelchair accessible mini-bus that is part of our Club’s official away travel. As I failed to write a review after my last visit I am going to base this on both visits, taking account of the reviews already published.

    Access to the Ground

    Route from the motorway via the ring road is not the most straightforward. The stadium is set high up from the ring road on the side of a mountain. The stadium appears to be in a residential area with a retail park with large supermarket below it on the ring road and smaller businesses on the road behind it.

    On our first visit the stewards directed us to parking up the hill from the stadium. It turned out these stewards were agency ones who had wrongly directed us. Due to the stadium being on the side of a very steep hill it is not the easiest place for people in manual wheelchairs or those with walking difficulties to visit but if you are a visiting fan, ensuring you are parked at the bottom of the stadium in my opinion is the best option. The one advantage of us being parked at the top of the hill is that we were easily able to visit the memorial to the Bradford Fire Tragedy which we all found very moving. Parking at the bottom of the hill means that to get to the away fans entrance you have to get quarter way up the hill on a narrow road (forget the narrow pavements) where vehicle access is restricted but not prevented. To add to the fun there are also at least two sets of speed ramps to negotiate. It was ok in my powerchair but it is a steep hill.

    Facilities in the Ground for Away Wheelchair Fans

    Viewing Areas – Flat access entry to the ground for visiting fans is through a high metal gate half way along the left hand side of the ground as you look up at the stadium. Immediately through the gate there is a very very steep, relatively short hill down to pitch level (which also serves as the players’ tunnel!). At pitch level you turn sharp right and right again to enter the front of the away stand. I notice that earlier reviews have spoken of wheels getting damaged in gullies. On my two visits these have had boards across so have not been a problem, but the hill down to the pitch is even steeper than the one outside the ground and to safely get down it in my powerchair I repeatedly criss-crossed it. On our two visits the rest of the away fans have been in the upper tier of the away stand so we have had all the lower tier to ourselves and have not had any problems with stewards standing or walking in front of us. At his choice my husband stood for the match which he was allowed to do and we had an excellent view.

    Refreshments – the kiosk for the away stand is on the lower level of the stand in the opposite corner to where we entered. We did not purchase anything so cannot comment.

    Accessible Toilets – The one at the away end is as you immediately you enter the ground. Previous reviews have advised paying it a visit before you go down to pitch level and I would second that. That said, I found it ok to get into. Yes there is a drop beyond it but I found sufficient space to turn easily. Large toilet cublicle (left hand transfer) which was clean. Hand soap and electric hand drier but I could not get any warm water.

    Headset Commentaries for Visually Impaired Fans – Bradford’s web site states that the Club does not have headset commentaries but can sometimes arrange for visually impaired fans to sit in the press box to listen to radio commentaries. We didn’t investigate this. We got good 3G coverage but the Player live commentary has about a minute time delay so not much good for helping you follow the ball in the ground which is what helps my husband.

    Attitude of Club Officials – To Bradford’s credit, unlike the agency stewards we met on our first visit who knew nothing, the Club’s own stewards are exceptionally helpful. They willingly guided us up the hill from where we parked to where we entered the ground and helped us at the end. As visiting wheelchair fans have to purchase their tickets from Bradford, we asked the stewards if they could collect our tickets for us given the hill and my visually impaired husband was struggling in the dark and they willingly did so.

    After the Match

    We did have the hill down to our mini-bus to negotiate, with, it seemed all the home fans walking up the hill but they were helpful in getting out of our way. Once in the mini-bus there was some queuing to leave but no worse than at many grounds.

    Would We Go Again

    As long as our mini-bus is allowed to park at the bottom of the stadium as on our second visit, it is a good ground for us to visit but I can see that it would be very difficult for fans in manual wheelchairs or with mobility issues that find steep hills difficult. I would agree with the Club’s assessment that they have done their best to provide wheelchair access at the away end given the geography of the ground. I for one am pleased that I can sit at the away end.

  • P. Dewick, who attended Bradford
    8 years ago

    I too was at the sheffield united match. As a wheelchair supporter my two sons had to push me up the hill. My daughter then took over as the boys were in the east stand. She was my carer for the afternoon I needed to go to the toilet straight away but had difficulty getting through the gate to the toilet. Once through the gate you have to go down a slope to the toilet but if you can’t stop there is a big step which is frightening cause there isn’t much room.

    To get to our seats we had to go through a small gate, I have a wider than normal wheelchair. I had problems getting through the gate hitting a gutter straight away and got stuck. Many of the other wheelchair users were have problems with the gutter as there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre around parked up wheelchairs. Even one wheelchair the tyre came off due to the gutter.

    On exit of the ground after been on the phone to my sons telling me they couldn’t come up cause the police had stopped them to take me back down. My daughter couldn’t do it so I asked a steward. He then passed it on to another one then he passed it on to another. I felt I was passed from pillar to post has nobody wanted to take responsibility of me.

    When a steward took me up to the gate he crashed me into it due to the camber of the exit. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve had at a football ground. The SUD’s secretary was right about the stewards, they stood up most of the time, which hampered our views from the wheelchair seating positions.

  • Bradford City Response, who attended Response to the Sheffield United comments dated 24/08/13
    8 years ago

    With regard to the comments by Sheffield United fans, I would like to bring to your attention the following points:

    • For many years, Bradford City has been criticised for not having an area for away supporters with disabilities in the same area of the away fans. This has been remedied this year with the introduction of a brand new facility which provides spaces for 36 x wheelchairs at the front of the South Stand and a brand new accessible toilet.
    • The Coral Windows Stadium (also known as Valley Parade) is situated on the side of steep valley from whichever way it is approached, any supporter is faced with a steep slope up or down to the stadium. In the case of supporters in wheelchairs, stewards are instructed to provide assistance as required and I know this happened on Saturday, even down to some of the Police officers on duty helping to push wheelchairs up Holywell Ash Lane. The location of the stadium also provides issues inside with slopes and inclines.
    • The comments regarding the ladies toilets I will look into – but this is certainly not the case with the brand new accessible toilets
    • Stewards did not stand up for the whole match. During the first half there were very few stewards at the front of the stand. During the game we had to put more stewards in front as Sheffield United stood persistently throughout the game, even then the stewards sat on stools, or crouched or almost laid on the inside of advertising frames. Stewards only stood when there was a movement of standing supporters towards the front of the stand, a coin had been thrown at the referee and a flare had been set off (the level of stewarding at this time allowed the flare to be dealt with efficiently and for the culprit to be arrested before he let off a smoke-bomb).
    • Access to the refreshment area for supporters in wheelchairs is difficult; however stewards are asked to help and that is why our policy recommends that supporters in wheelchairs have a companion (who gain free access to the stadium)

    In summary, we now have extensive facilities for away supporters in their own section; a brand new toilet that is accessible to supporters in wheelchairs, approaches to the stadium will always be steep as we are situated on a valley side, we recommend supporters in wheelchairs have a companion and stewards will help where that is not possible, stewards only stand at the front of stands where the behaviour of fans is significantly bad or a pitch incursion is considered likely.

    I accept that these supporters have not been to Bradford for some time and therefore would not appreciate the context or efforts already made; it is nevertheless disappointing that such views should be aired without the Club being offered a chance to respond.

  • Sheffield United Disabled Supporters Club (SUDS), who attended Bradford v Sheffield United FC 24/8/13
    8 years ago

    By far the WORST ground we have been to. After getting off our coach we tried to find the entrance for away disabled fans, the stewards had no idea as they were agency stewards from Leeds. When we found it it was a the top of a very very steep hill and pushing wheelchairs up needed two persons per chair and two to hold the chair back on way down after match.

    On entry we found we had to go down a steep slope to access our w/c spaces. The toilet is up this same slope so go before you go to your seats if you need to. The stewards inside the ground were helpful with pushing up to the toilet. NO emergency cord in disabled toilet.

    The ladies loos were disgustingly dirty with only cold water and no towels or drier and one was blocked when we arrived and we were the first ladies in at 1.30pm so I cannot imagine what they were like at the end of the match.

    The refreshment counter is up 5 steps and then down 5 more. Not under cover and everyone got wet when they put the sprinklers on. Stewards stand up in front the whole match.