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Craven Cottage
Capacity: 25,700
Stevenage Road

Disabled supporters contact

Club or stadium contact
 for disabled fans

Nicola Walworth
Disability Liaison Officer

020 8336 7477

Disabled supporters association

Mark Davies

Accessibility information

Number of wheelchair user spaces

Home: 54 Away: 14.

The home wheelchair accessible areas at Craven Cottage are in 3 separate sections of the ground. The first area is in Block KL of the Johnny Haynes Stand Lower and is situated in the corner near to the Putney End. The second area is also in the Johnny Haynes Stand Lower in Block AL. This area has a capacity for 6 spaces for wheelchair users and is situated in the corner near to the Hammersmith End. The third area is in the Riverside Stand, in Block S.

All the wheelchair accessible spaces are under cover at the front of each stand. However, in the winter months these particular areas of the stands can be exposed to the elements. The seats for personal assistants are located either next to or behind the wheelchair users’ space. Exit routes are in the corners of the stands.

There are a total of 9 spaces for wheelchair users for visiting supporters located amongst the visiting supporters in the Putney End, Block P7. 4 of these spaces are restricted view and, as such, their prices are reflective of this.

Number of easy access and amenity seats

An area has been set aside for ambulant disabled supporters. This area is in Block KL of the Johnny Haynes Stand and has been chosen for its clear entry and exit routes. Supporters should indicate on their ticket application if they wish to take advantage of this option.

Number of accessible toilets

There is an accessible toilet situated close to each of the wheelchair user areas which can be accessed by using a RADAR key.

Audio commentary

There is a Radio commentary service for supporters, and can be prebooked by contacting the club's DLO Nicola Walworth. There are 7 headsets available for home fans, and 7 for away fans and can be picked up from the Collection Booth on Stevenage Road. These can be returned to the Ticket Office or given to the nearest Steward at the end of the match.

Accessible services + information

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are admitted to the ground. The Club should be notified in advance of the game by contacting the Club’s Disability Liaison Officer, so adequate provision can be made. It may be necessary for the Club to decide the most appropriate location in the ground for the supporter to sit.

Hearing loops

Induction loops are fitted at all fixed catering units and in the main reception at Craven Cottage.

Club shop

The club shop is fully accessible providing a low level serving counter.

Food concession stands

There are both mobile and fixed catering units located around the ground serving a variety of refreshments. Several of these units are accessible to wheelchair users and, in addition, a complimentary catering pre-order service is available 30 minutes before kick-off for pre match and half time delivery in each wheelchair area.

Total number of parking spaces

There are 10 accessible parking spaces and they must be arranged in advance by contacting the Club’s Disability Liaison Officer. Spaces are finalised on a first-come, first-served basis to home or away supporters. These are located in the grounds of Fulham College Boys School on Kingwood Road. A wheelchair accessible shuttle bus links the car park with the stadium.

Travel options

Away Travel

The club offers accesible travel for away games, with companion tickets being charged.

How we set targets

We use accepted industry standards to set the club targets. The reference documents include: Accessible Stadia Guide 2003 and Accessible Stadia Supplementary Guidance 2015; Building Regulations Approved Document M, Access to and Use of Buildings; BS 8300, Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people; Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide); Access for All, UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience

Have you got a question, complement or complaint?

Let us know about your matchday experience at Fulham to help improve access and inclusion.

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Updated May 2022

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  • Level Playing Field,
    7 months ago

    Fulham FC – Response to Nikki Allan, who attended Fulham V Leeds United 21 September 2021

    When contacted in advance, we are more than happy to allow coaches with disabled supporters on board to drop off at the away turnstiles. This can be official coach travel our organised fan groups. Provided we know the coach company and registration number of the coach to make the stewards aware. We can then forward of a route for the coach to follow.

    We have a very old stadium in a residential area, and we don’t have any onsite parking, let alone being able to create extra. There is a TMO (Traffic Management Order) that operates on match day that restricts the movement of traffic on the residential streets at the front of the stadium.

  • Nikki Allan, who attended Fulham V Leeds United 21 September 2021
    8 months ago

    No parking within a reasonable walking distance for disabled Supporters arriving by Coach. Really poor policing thought has been applied. Suggested to get a taxi and maybe it will be allowed through but no guarantee. Pointless when there is adequate space for coaches to park alongside the ground. Instead . New stand almost built but could have extra parking available for thse with walking difficulties. Not environmentally friendly Poor stewarding by showsec stewards who stood and watched the game. Waste of money!! Fulhams own staff excellent and helpful. Disabled toilets along main corridor causing entry and exit problems with a large away support.

  • LESLEY Stevens, who attended Fulham v Aston Villa
    2 years ago

    I understand Fulham Football Club will be in consultation with yourselves with regards to the Assessible Platform at their ground. On my visit it proved impossible to view the match as a carer and I have suggested that free standing chairs are used, placed next to the wheelchair user, until the situation is resolved. Having recently attended the Brighton v Villa I have sent a further email to Fulham Football Club suggesting they visit Brighton to see how a similar platform is used. I would be very interested in the outcome of your consultation with Fulham Football Club .

  • Debbie Eggleton, who attended Fulham v Reading
    2 years ago

    Usually hate coming to Fulham,as the disabled away area is awful. But I was assured by a Fulham fan that improvement had been made. When I arrived I was very disappointed to be told that the stand where improvement had be made,had been knocked down and now we just had a platform. Thought this was slightly better(as we was no longer on a slope) It was still awful,as we could not see due to people standing. Whilst I understand you are not responsible for people standing,I just cant understand why you would put a disabled stand where you have,so people can stand in the way. The steward in charge told me that she had been campaigning for years for improvement to this stand and I think it’s sad that you have not even bothered to listen to her and that shes had to campaign for something all fans should be entitled to when visiting a ground. Shame on you Fulham!!!

  • Heather Whitehead, who attended Fulham v Huddersfield
    5 years ago

    I agree with most of the pevious comments, if you go by coach then it’s rather a long walk down a road to get to the ground, then along the side of the ground to the away supporters end, I was fine as I had my wheelchair, but our friend didn’t do this seasons fixture as she’s quite bad on hr long and has breathing problems, which is a shame as she does most of th away games. There should be a mini bus service provided to take the less abled to the ground from the main duel cariageway where the coaches have to stop. The disabled toilets are some of the best in this league (Preston being the worst)..but the view from where the disabled are put is shocking, unless one complains and gets moved down to where the big red sand bin is, but then again not a lot of space for more than four wheelchairs, the best idea would be do put the disabled at the back of the away end and put a lift in like they do at Newcastle, Derby etc. Perhaps someone from the club should sit in the disabled area in a wheelchair and see the view I had before I compained on the Fulham twitter page and my husband asked several stewards, it’s probably a beter view if there ain;t too many away fans, but we had several thousands there on Saturday…it’s needs looking into or it could be seen as discrimination again the less abled.

  • John Wells, who attended Fulham v Brighton
    5 years ago

    Last season I planned to go to the Brighton game travelling as usual on the Official Supporters Club coach, but our organiser advised me that the Police don’t allowCoachesto pick up or drop at, or anywhere near the ground, she estimated a mile walk. We didntgo,apparently other clubs are like this, QPR was quite a hike a few years ago whenI was more mobile.

    Obviously thelocal law cant be bothered to cone off the area, the Coach organiser has my name etc they should be allowed to drop only disabled at the ground, they could have a listof the relevant people.

  • Graham., who attended Fulham v Middlesbrough
    7 years ago

    Went to game on Saturday. Contacted Fulham’s disability officer prior to game as cannot stand and fans always stand in front of you. Advised by Fulham that rows x and y behind wheelchair section was allocated for ambulant disabled fans AND

    if fans stood you could still see. Well that was rubbish ! You can’t see the game when fans stand in those rows and Fulham should not say you can see when you can’t. I certainly couldn’t see in row x.Another club that does not cater for ambulant disabled fans although they say they do !

  • Darren Staddon, who attended Fulham v Villa Dec 8th 3013
    8 years ago

    It says 12 wheelchair spaces available for away fans but they offered Villa 5, the ones me and my friend had were restricted view. It also says free parking for disabled fans on a first come first served basis and I drove past the ground 3 hours before kick off and was told to park the other side of the main road (quite a push)

  • Gary Deards, who attended v. Reading - 2008
    9 years ago

    Access ramp to wheelchair platform – doesn’t do justice to how steep it is.

  • Gary Deards, who attended v. Reading - 2008
    9 years ago

    blocked view of far touchline

  • Gary Deards, who attended v. Reading - 2008
    9 years ago

    view from away wheelchair section

  • Ruth Jenkins, who attended Away Supporters View
    9 years ago

    The away supporters viewing at Fulham was worse than appalling!!! We were literally stuck in a corner on a 8ft square concrete block, that was it for all away disabled supporters. There wasn’t enough room for all the wheelchairs and from part of this square you couldn’t see all the pitch. And this is a premier league club. The worst of it was that there was a ver very easy solution but the club seems unwilling to make improvements

  • Kevin Ellison, who attended Manchester United 03/03/2011
    9 years ago

    The experience I had was terrible we could not see any of the game,do not go unless you are prepared to see the backs of peoples heads for 90 minutes.Something needs to be done as there are other posts on this site about the facilities