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Sheffield Wednesday

League 1
Capacity: 32,318
S6 1SW

Disabled supporters contact

Club or stadium contact
 for disabled fans

Richard Stanford

01142 212 586

Accessible ticket contact

Alastair Wilson
Commercial/Retail & Ticketing Manager

01142 212 586 (club website says 03700 201867)

Accessibility information

Number of wheelchair user spaces

Home: 90 Away: 9.

Home wheelchair user spaces are located in the North Stand, Kop Sand and West Stand.

Away wheelchair user spaces are located in the West Stand.

Number of easy access and amenity seats

Ambulant Disabled supporters also have the option of sitting anywhere in the North, Kop and South Stands but there is no availability in the Grandstand as this area of the ground is at floor level and accessed via eight flights of stairs.

Number of accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located about 150 metres from disabled supporter seating areas.

Audio commentary

Hospital Radio via headset from reception. Home: 35 Away: 5

Accessible services + information

Club shop

Sheffield Wednesday do have low level serving counters in the club shop.

Food concession stands

Sheffield Wednesday do have low level serving counters on food concession stands.

Total number of parking spaces

Home: 70 Away: 10.

Call Ticket office to arrange accessible parking which is located a very short walk from the entrance /exit.

Home fans done on a seasonal basis, away fans match by match.

Travel options

Sheffield Wednesday do have a drop off point or shuttle bus service for supporters with accessibility needs or requirements.

How we set targets

We use accepted industry standards to set the club targets. The reference documents include: Accessible Stadia Guide 2003 and Accessible Stadia Supplementary Guidance 2015; Building Regulations Approved Document M, Access to and Use of Buildings; BS 8300, Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people; Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide); Access for All, UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience

Have you got a question, complement or complaint?

Let us know about your matchday experience at Sheffield Wednesday to help improve access and inclusion.

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Updated April 2022

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  • Daniel Townley,
    6 months ago

    Sheffield Wednesday have responded to the below comments from Kirsty and Emma, and have taken action to improve their processes and communications.

  • Simon Pritchard, who attended Sheffield Wednesday vs Lincoln City
    7 months ago

    Before hand booked disabled parking. Sheffield Wednesday very helpful.
    Day of match – Discovered mine and my wife’s tickets were totally separate parts of the stand.
    I need her support as I have MD and walk with a stick. The stewards were extremely helpful and one (Steve no 5) ensured we were taken to seats at the front of the stand together .
    After the game we could leave via separate steps which also made things much easier.
    First rate!

  • Dave Hemsley, who attended Sheffield wednesday v Lincoln City
    7 months ago

    Great stewards. Poor seating not everyone 5ft tall. Need to be mindful of less able but not disabled. Exit poor on stairs

  • Kirsty Hackney, who attended Sheffield Wednesday Vs Lincoln City
    7 months ago

    My grandad had a stroke 2 years ago and can hardly walk he has got a stick with him, when we booked tickets to go we was not made aware they was upper tier..
    The steps was so steep and there was so many there was no other way to get in the ground other then the steps . When we got in we had to get up more steps to get to the seats, my grandad could not see the game because everyone was stood up in front of him and he can not stand that long. On the way out the space is so small people was pushing my grandad. He had to go down the stairs again to get out the ground he had to hurry up because everyone wanted to get out he nearly fell down the stairs. Why was there no ramp or lifted ?

  • Emma Lanckham, who attended Sheffield Wednesday vs Lincoln City
    7 months ago

    As a carer for an ambulant disabled visiting supporter, where only the upper tier was opened for our fans. The fan I was accompanying would never have made it up all the steps to get to our allocated seats. We were lucky that the stewards on duty recognised that he wouldn’t have been able to manage, so they kindly seated us in the wheelchair disabled seating. We have found at many away games as an ambulant disabled fan, we can’t purchase tickets in any area that is specifically ambulant disabled friendly, unless you are in a wheelchair or scooter. We feel that maybe the lower tier could have been reserved for ambulant disabled as I saw a few of our ambulant disabled fans, with walking aids struggling up and down the stairs before and after the game.

  • Anthony Joy, who attended Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal
    6 years ago

    View when lower tier is occupied.

  • Anthony Joy, who attended Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal
    6 years ago

    The league cup draw gave us a chance to go to one of the most traditional, and sadly infamous grounds in England. I had been to Hillsborough only once before, in 1993, so with over 20 years in between this effectively meant a new ground to visit.

    Hillsborough is an older ground, that SWFC have don’t their best to fit out to modern standards. Four seperate stands are a throw back to yesterday; the away fans including the away disabled supporters are in the Carling West stand (formerly known as the Leppings Lane end). I understand that for league games only the upper tier is sold with the wheelchairs in the lower tier; this may make it devoid of atmosphere for league games. Arsenal sold out both tiers, so SWFC wisely blocked out three rows in front of the wheelchair platform so improve sight lines. There is a huge supporting pillar in your way depending on where you sit. Overall I’d say I had a great view of the pitch bar the near corner when people stood. If the rows are not blocked out, you won’t see a thing.

    You enter at the away fans turnstiles; the dedicated gate is clearly marked. Straight away there are the disabled toilets (not the cleanest at all) and a snack bar (no alcohol served in the Lower tier). Stewards were friendly and showed us to our space. My companion seats were set about 4 feet behind me, & the seats were filthy so she stood for the whole game.

    I used one of the allocated disabled bays in the Hillsborough Park car park. This had to be rebooked with SWFC & cost £5. We managed a quick getaway by turning right onto A61 toward the city centre.

  • Ryan, who attended Sheff Wed vs Hull City 17/10/15
    6 years ago

    Good view for disabled away supporters apart from the large post holding the stadium up, blocking my view now and again. Good accessible toilets behind the stand. The majority of the Hull fans were seated in the top tier so it was dissapointing there was no access to the concourse to mix with my own supporters. Also, i was not able to purchase a beer before the game as no alcohol was being served in the lower tier. This wasagain disappointing as there is a refreshments koisk for disabled fans but only sold a small selection of food. Part of my matchday experience is to have a beer and socialise with fellow supporters like everyone else.

  • Graham, who attended Sheff. Wed. V Middlesbrough.
    7 years ago

    Game at Hillsborough 28.2.2015.

    Same old story . 2 flights of stairs to the upper tier . Askled a steward if there was any other way up to the stand.

    “No” was the reply . Took an age to struggle up the steps to the upper tier. 5th. row back , luckily a family were in front, 2 adults and 2 children and they sat all game , so viewing the game , for once was not an issue. There again

    you have to rely on folk not standing in front of you which is the norm.

    Hope something comes of the recent government survey for disabled fans attending grounds.

  • Graham, who attended Sheff. Wed. v Middlesbrough. 1.3.2014.
    8 years ago

    We were sited in the Upper West Stand . Seats were ok , 3 rows back , first two rows were not in use so the problem

    of fans standing in front of you was not an issue. Fans standing in front of you is a major problem at away grounds

    which clubs really should address. Surely a few seats for ambulant disabled fans at the front would solve this

    problem but no one appears to confront it . Steps up to the upper tier were a struggle .

  • J Allcroft, who attended Wed v Forrest
    8 years ago

    I paid £5.00 for a disabled parking ticket when I went to the area I was told by two personnelto go, I was turned away at the gate sent down the road. Therefore a 72 year old had to push his disabled son 1 mile to get to their place to watch the match. Having paid my money like we do at every other away ground we have not been treated so uncaring ever before. I suggest Wednesday get their act together when dealing with disabled people, I would like my parking fee returned.

    being in the dissabled area loks like we will not be seeing the match waste of money all round,poeple standing up in from of wheel chair users

  • J & J, who attended 05/01/2013
    9 years ago

    Little to add to the review of our Hillsborough visit last season. Although we took over a thousand fans to an FA Cup game, which was good going for us, they were all accommodated in the upper stand so we have never had the problem of fans standing in front of us, obscuring our view. Still the best, warmest accessible loos we have found!

  • Gary Deards, who attended Sheffield Wednesday v Reading 03/03/2009
    9 years ago

    Another example of a ground where poor design means that wheelchair and ambulant disabled supporters (away section) cannot see when supporters in front stand.

    During the first half, this is what I saw.

    Also, any ambulant disabled or carers/personal assistants have to sit behind the wheelchairs and/or stand up to see anything.

  • J and J, who attended Best Toilets Going! 16/02/2012
    9 years ago

    We visited Hillsborough twice during 2011 as away fans and have only just found this web site, hence the lateness of these comments, but wanted to give credit to Wednesday for the toilet provision. I have visited in excess of 30 grounds in the past 2 years and would say Wednesday are the only ones who have got the toilet provision right. There is a spacious indoor area in addition to the toilet cubicles with seats where you can get wrapped up for the match, take your coat off to go to the loo, do all you need to and this area and the actual toilet cubicles (3 I think) are all heated and warm, with muscles that spasm in the cold so appreciate. Toilets aside we had an excellent experience on both visits. Stewards were friendly, knowledgeable and well organised. Allowed our club’s mini-bus to load/unload us wheelchair users right in front of our entrance. On a very wet day this was much appreciated. Stewards came on board the bus on both occasions to welcome us, tell us all the info and answer any questions we had. They even told us where the memorial is and how to get to it. Easy to get to in a wheelchair (no roads to cross) and a very well designed and integrated ramp means wheelchairs can get right up to the memorial. (Cafe en route which looked accessible.) Both home and away wheelchair users (as it seemed to me) are accommodated at the Leppings Lane end. On our visits we were about 1 of 4 away wheelchair users and as we were there early we filled up from the far end and the home fans followed on. It is a wide platform underneath the away fans (you can’t see them). There is more seating in front but when we were there, they were empty so no problem with seeing over anyone. You needed to go past the home wheelchair users to go to the loo and tea bar but this did not present any problems when we were there. The carer seating is behind the wheelchair spaces but when we were there our carers stood at the side of the wheelchairs and stewards allowed this. My husband who is partially sighted requested (as he always does) a headset commentary. This was brought to him on both occasions by the disabled liaison officer, who came and introduced herself to us all on each visit, checking we were ok and asking if she could do anything for us. She was bubbly and knowledgeable about the issues facing disabled fans. We would not hesitate to return to Hillsborough.