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Talking Sport

Level Playing Field have launched the #TalkingSport initiative to help reduce loneliness and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Test Cricket returning and F1 taking to tracks around the world, as well as football
resuming for some leagues, it almost feels like ‘normality’ is creeping back into all our lives,
but sadly this isn’t the case for many disabled sports fans.

While some are starting to venture back to shops and restaurants, a large majority of
disabled people are continuing to shield in their homes, isolating themselves from the rest of
their local community. Disabled people have stated that their well-being has been affected
by feeling lonely and isolated during the COVID pandemic according to ‘Office For National

That’s why Level Playing Field will be launching ‘Talking Sport’, a new outreach initiative led
by the Fans Liaison team.

At Level Playing Field, we love sport. That’s why we work every day working alongside
Disabled Supporters Association (DSA’s), Fans and sporting clubs across England and
Wales to advocate for match day equality. But we also love talking about sport!

This is why we are inviting any disabled people with a passion for sport who are feeling
lonely, overwhelmed, or just bored to get in contact via social media (Twitter, Instagram and
Facebook) or email to set up a video or audio call.

Level Playing Field Chief Executive Owain Davies, had this to say on the new
#TalkingSport Campaign:

“Sport plays a massive part in bringing a community together. Never have we been in a
position such as this and the impact has been and for some still is significant. Through our
survey (Impact of Covid-19), we have seen first-hand the power of watching live sport and
the challenges the suspension and cancellation of live sport have had on a person’s

As a charity, that represents and supports disabled fans we want to ensure that during this
challenging period we can offer more support.

The power of being connected and talking is hugely positive, and while we wait for a return
to live sport with fans, we want to reach out to those fans who are finding it difficult or just
want to talk about sport. We know that talking sport brings people together.”