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Level Playing Field (LPF) - Access Audit programme


Level Playing Field offers support and guidance to clubs and sports venues in delivering accessible and inclusive match (and event) day experiences for all. As such, it is always a positive step when a sports club or venue commissions a Level Playing Field Access Audit. This professional audit recognises what has already been achieved and identifies what more can still be done to ensure a truly customer focused approach for disabled spectators and guests and an inclusive welcome for everyone. LPF is pleased to work in partnership with sports governing bodies, their clubs and sports venues and with disabled peoples themselves to deliver an inclusive experience and always aims to share best practice and new ideas.


We are uniquely placed to offer Access Audits specifically designed for sports stadia, venues and arenas and look beyond the built environment to take into account pan-disability requirements of sports spectators. We revisit the stadium on a match day, take time to talk to key personnel, look at the clubs’ policies and procedures and can also provide disability inclusion and etiquette training as well as on-going support and access advice.


The programme is led by our experienced in house NRAC (National Register of Access Consultants) Auditors who are pleased to provide cost effective access audits tailored specifically to each club and venue. 


For more detailed information on the LPF Access Audit Programme and to commision an audit please call us on 020 8621 2403 or email our Head of Access and Development, Ruth Hopkins at 


LPF Wembley Access Audit Film for the GLA


Joyce Cook, OBE, Chair of LPF and Ruth Hopkins, Access and Development Manager  in the summer of 2013 were invited to Wembley Stadium to film a  report for the Mayor’s Office, London.


This formed part of a series of case studies undertaken by Live Tourism on behalf of the Greater London Authority looking at the development of best practice in terms of access to public places in London.


LPF's Case Study describes the development of LPF's professional access audit programme for sporting venues with the film highlighting the benefits in commissioning a Level Playing Field Access Audit at Wembley Stadium which helped the business to improve its accessibility for its customers.


The film includes comments from Joyce, Ruth and Peter Swordy of Wembley Stadium and looks at good practice examples that improve access  and ensure a more inclusive matchday experience.




The original news item on the LPF website can be in full here.


LPF Audited logoLPF Access Audit Awards :

Clubs and venues that commission a professional LPF Access Audit and sign up to working with LPF towards meeting the minimum accessibility standards on match and non-match days will be presented with an “LPF Audited” accreditation. Clubs and venues meeting the highest good practice and industry access standards may be awarded the LPF Centre of Excellence Award. Please see here for more details.